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Arrow Speed Calculator

Our handy Arrow Speed Calculator calculates the speed of an arrow, momentum and kinetic energy using the bow speed IBO specification. All you need to do is provide bow IBO rating, length of the bow, draw weight, arrow weight and additional weight on the string and press the calculate button to check the output.

Arrow Speed Calculator: If you are struggling to find the speed of an arrow then don't worry as you can take the help of this easy to operate calculator tool. It gives the accurate arrow speed along with the momentum and kinetic energy. Continue reading to know about bow speed IBO specification, archery speed principles, equations and steps to get the arrow speed.

Steps to Find Speed of an Arrow

Follow these simple rules and guidelines to check the arrow speed easily.

  • Check out the required details from the question.
  • Subtract 30 from the draw length and multiply it with 10
  • Divide additional weight on bow string by 3.
  • Subtract the result from step 2 from the step 3
  • Add the result to the IBO.

Bow IBO Speed Specification | Archery Speed Principles

This calculator makes use of the Bow IBO speed specification. IBO stands for International Bowhunting Organization. This specification requires the draw length, draw weight and arrow weight to find the arrow speed.

The arrow speed equation is given as:

v = IBO + (L - 30) * 10 - W / 3 + min (0, -(A - 5D)/3)


v is the arrow speed

IBO is the arrow speed according to the IBO specification

L is the draw length

W is the additional weight on the bow string

D is the draw weight

A is the arrow weight in grains

Momentum = A x v

Kinetic energy = A x v2/2


Question: If the draw length is 32 inches, BOW IBO rating is 300 ft/s, draw weight is 70 lbs, arrow weight is 400 grains and additional weight is 4 grains. Find the arrow speed and kinetic energy?


Given that

Bow IBO rating = 300 ft/s

Draw length L = 32 in

Additional weight on the bow W = 4 grains

Draw weight D = 70 lbs

Arrow weight A = 400 grains

Arrow speed v = IBO + (L - 30) * 10 - W / 3 + min (0, -(A - 5D)/3)

v = 300 + (32 - 30) x 10 - 4/3 + min(0, -(400 - 5 x 70)/3)

= 300 + 20 - 1.33 + min(0, -(400 - 350)/3)

= 318.67 - 16.67

= 302

Therefore, the speed of the arrow is 302 ft/s.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Arrow Speed Calculator

1. How to calculate the arrow speed?

The actual speed of an arrow can be calculated using the formula v = IBO + (L - 30) * 10 - W / 3 + min (0, -(A - 5D)/3). You have to put the values in the archery arrow speed equation and solve to get the answer.

2. How to find the momentum of an arrow?

The momentum of an arrow is the product of the arrow weight and speed of the arrow.

3. What is the bow speed IBO specification?

This bow speed IBO specification computes the arrow speed by taking the draw length, draw weight and arrow weight.

4. Which is faster an arrow or a bullet?

Arrows are slower than the bullet. The speed of an arrow depends on the capability of the archer and the bow. The arrow speed of the best bow is 360 feet per second and the slowest bullet speed is 400 feet per second. Therefore, bullets are faster than arrows.

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