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Binoculars Range Calculator

Binoculars Range Calculator is a free tool that computes the binoculars range i.e distance to the object by just giving the input parameters such as height of object, angular height of the object. And then press on the calculate button, our handy calculator will make lengthy calculations and generates the result in a fraction of seconds.

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Binoculars Range Calculator: Binoculars are used to view the object located at distance and binoculars range means finding the distance between the object and person view location. You need to enter the input to get the distance to an object fastly. Read the further sections to know about the binoculars distance, how to measure distance and others. Get the step by step process to find the binoculars range and solved examples for the better understanding of the topic.

How to Know Binoculars Distance Range?

From the following lines, you will get the simple steps to calculate the binoculars distance . So, follow those steps and find the distance of the object easily.

  • Check out the object height and angular height of the object.
  • Divide the object height by angular height.
  • Multiply the result by 1000 to find the distance to the object.

What is Binoculars Distance?

Binoculars have two telescopes that are arranged side by side in the same direction and it is used to see the distant objects. It is a hand held device consisting of series of lenses and prisms.

Binoculars range is used to find the distance fropm the object to the view.

Binoculars distance formula is mentioned-below:

d = h * 1000/Mil


d is the distance to the object

h is the object height

Mil is the angular height of the object.


Question: If a person is viewing a distant object using binoculars. The height of the observed object is 8 m, and angular height of the object is 2 mrad. Find the binoculars range of the object?


Given that

Height of the object h = 8 m

Angular height of the object Mil = 2 mrad

The distance formula is d = h * 1000/Mil

d = 8 * 1000/2

= 8 * 500

= 4000

Therefore, the distance between the binoculars and object is 4000 km.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Acceleration Calculator

1. What are the binoculars use for?

Binoculars are the special kind of invention which is used to see the far located objects more clearly using a technology called optics.

2. What are the applications of binoculars?

The real time applications of binoculars are for bird watching, in military, hunting, land surveys and geographic data collection.

3. What is the best range for binoculars?

The best range of a binoculars is 7x to 10x.

4. How to calculate the distance to the object using Binoculars Range Calculator?

You need to get the object height and angular height of the object from the question and provide those in the input fields. Click the calculate button to generate the output with in seconds.

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