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Buoyancy calculator

Buoyancy Calculator is an online tool that displays the buoyancy force acting on an object provided the fluid density, volume of an object. Simply enter the inputs and hit the calculate button to avail buoyancy force in a matter of seconds.

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Buoyancy Calculator: If you are wondering on how to calculate buoyancy force you have come the right way as we have come up with a Buoyancy Calculator. Learn the force that keeps the object floating provided the fluid density, volume of an object in the blink of an eye. Read on to know more about Buoyancy Force Definition, Steps on How to Calculate Buoyancy Force acting on an object, Buoyancy Force Formula, etc. in the further modules.

What is Buoyancy Force?

Buoyancy Force also known as upthrust is the force acting in the direction opposite to gravity to keep the object floating. If an object is immersed in water its weight is pulled downwards. Buoyancy Force Opposes the weight and has a magnitude directly proportional to volume of liquid that occupies the space taken by object.

Buoyant Force Formula

You can calculate the buoyant force using the formula B = ρ * V * g

  • Where ρ is the density of liquid and its units are kg/m³
  • v is the voulme of displaced liquid and its units are m³
  • g is the gravitational acceleration and its units are m/s²
  • B is the Buoyant Force

How to Calculate the Buoyant Force?

Follow the simple process listed here to find out the buoyant force and they are as such

  • Firstly, decide on the gravitational acceleration in which you want to find out the buoyancy.
  • Later, choose the liquid you want to immerse the liquid in.
  • Immerse the object in the liquid and find out the volume of displaced liquid
  • Substitute all these values in the equation of Buoyancy Force i.e. B = ρ * V * g
  • Simplify the equation further and determine the buoyancy force easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Buoyancy Calculator

1. What is meant by Buoyancy?

Buoyancy Force is defined as the upward force exerted on the object, if it is partly or fully immersed in the fluid.

2. What is Buoyant Force Equation?

Buoyant Force Equation is given by the formula B = ρ * V * g

3. How to calculate the Buoyant Force?

Buoyant Force can be calculated by multiplying density of liquid, volume of displaced liquid, gravitational acceleration.

4. What is ρ in the Buoyancy Formula?

ρ stands for density of fluid in the Buoyancy Formula.

Buoyancy Calculator