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Capacitor Energy Calculator is a easy to use tool that finds the energy stored in a capacitor in no time. You just need to enter the values charge or capacitance, applied voltage in input field and click on the calculate button to obtain the Energy Stored in a Capacitor in a fraction of seconds.

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What is Energy Stored in a Capacitor?

Capacitor is a commonly used electronic components in the circuits. Basically its function is to store electrical charge. In Parallel Plates Capacitors Charges of Equal but Opposite Values are present on adjacent plates. These charges generate electric field between them and includes a certain amount of circuit's energy.

Capacitor Energy Formula

If you want to estimate the Energy E stored in a Capacitor having Capacitance C and Applied Voltage then it is given by the equation E = 1/2 * C * V². You can rewrite this equation by applying the basic capacitance formula C = Q*V to get the other analogous form of capacitance equation i.e. E = 1/2 * Q² / C or E = 1/2 * Q * V

Energy in a Capacitor Example

If the capacitance of a capacitor is 60 F charged to a potential of 130 V, Calculate the energy stored in it.


Given that

Capacitance = 60F

Applied Voltage = 130V

We know the formula for Energy Stored E = 1/2 * C * V²

Substituting the input values we get the equation as E = 1/2*60*130²

E = 507 KJ

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Applications of Capacitor Energy

Below are the several applications of capacitor energy. They are in the following way

  • A Defribillator uses the energy stored in a capacitor.
  • Audio equipment, camera flashes, uninterruptible power supplies, pulsed loads such as magnetic coils and lasers uses capacitor energy.
  • Super Capacitors stores large amount of energy and supposts several technological possibilities.

FAQs on Capacitor Energy Calculator

1. How to Calculate the Energy Stored in a Capacitor?

Energy Stored in a Capacitor can be found by multiplying the capacitance with square of applied voltage and then dividing the product with 2.

2. What is the Energy Stored in a Capacitor Formula?

The Formula for Energy Stored in a Capacitor is E = 1/2 * C * V²

3. Does a Capacitor store Charge or Energy?

Capacitors don't store charge and stores energy in it.