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Capacity Calculator is a handy online tool that computes the Capacity Value in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is type in the charge, voltage values and tap on the calculate button in order to obtain the capacity.




Capacitor Formula

The Most General Equation for Capacitors is given by the formula C = Q/V

  • Where C is the Capacitance of Electronic Element
  • Q is the Electric Charge Stored in the Capacitor
  • V is the Voltage in the Capacitor

The formula denotes that capacitor is a passive element capable of storing electric charge in it as long as voltage is supplied across it. There are several types of capacitors and some of the popular ones are cylindrical, parallel plate, spherical ones, etc. We can arrange the Capacitors in Series or Parallel and in either of the cases they will have a single capacitor and the resultance capacitance is sum of all parts.

Capacitor Code

Each Capacitor has two numbers that characterize it namely capacitance and voltage rating. Voltage Rating indicates the maximum voltage at which the element can work properly. Capacity is written directly in majority of the cases. However, if the capacitance is less than 100 µF we can find a 3 digit capacitor code that indicates the value. It is quite simple the first two digits indicate the capacity in PicoFarads whereas the last digit is a multiplier factor of power 10. However, the last digit ranges between 0-6.

Capacitor Code Examples

Question: Find the Capacity Value if the Capacitor Code is 105?


Given that

Capacitor Code = 105

First two digits indicate the capacity in pF i.e. 10 pF

Last one digit indicates the power of 10 i.e. 105

Simplifying further we have = 10 pF*105 = 0.1 μF

We can apply the reverse technique and determine the capacitor code if we are aware of the capacity value.

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Capacitor Tolerance Code

After the 3-Digit Capacitor Code you can indicate a letter next to it denoting the tolerane range on what the actual capacitance is. Have a glance at the most commonly used tolerance codes in the below provided table. They are as follows




±0.1 pF


±0.25 pF


±0.5 pF












+80%, -20%

FAQs on Capacity Calculator

1. What is a Capacitor Used for?

Capacitor is a device used for storing electrical energy.

2. What is Capacitor Formula?

The Basic Fomula that governs the Capacitors is Capacitance = Charge/ Voltage

3. What is Capacitor and its Applications?

Capacitor is a Basic Storage Device used to store electrical charges and releases it as and when needed by the circuit. Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits to perform various tasks such as smoothing, filtering, bypassing, etc.

4.What is the SI Unit of Capacitance?

SI Unit of Capacitance is Farad and is denoted by the symbol F.