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Centrifugal Force Calculator is used to know the amount of force acting on a rotating body based on its mass, velocity and radius of rotation. Simply enter the inputs in the provided fields and hit the calculate button to get the centrifugal force, angular velocity and angular acceleration values in the output section.

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How to Calculate Centrifugal Force?

The step by step process to calculate the angular acceleration, centrifugal force are along the lines.

  • Find the mass of the object, velocity and radius.
  • Square the velocity and multiply it by the object mass.
  • Divide the product by radius to get the centrifugal force value.
  • Divide the velocity by radius to check the angular velocity.
  • Divide the force by mass of the object to obtain the centrifugal acceleration.

Centrifugal Force Formulas

Centrifugal force is the force starts from the body's inertia and appears to act on a body which is moving in a circular path and that is directly away from the centre around the moving body.

The formulas of centrifugal force are mentioned-below:

F = mv┬▓/r

v = ωr

ω = v/r

a = F/m

r = mv┬▓/F

m = Fr/v┬▓


F is the centrifugal force

m is the mass of the object

v is the velocity

r is the radius

ω is the angular velocity

a is the centrifugal acceleration


Question: An object of mass 1.5 kgs is moving on a circular path with a velocity 6 m/s. The radius of the circular path is 2 m. Find the centrifugal force and centrifugal acceleration?


Given that

Mass of the object m = 1.5 kgs

Velocity v = 6 m/s

Radius r = 2 m

The centrifugal force formula is

F = mv┬▓/r

F = (1.5 * 6┬▓)/2

= (1.5 * 36)/2

= 54/2

= 27

Angular velocity ω = v/r

= 6/2

= 3

Centrifugal Acceleration a = F/m

a = 27/1.5

= 18

Therefore, the object centrifugal force is 27 N, angular velocity is 3 radian/s and centrifugal acceleration is 18 m/ sec┬▓

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Frequently Asked Questions on Centrifugal Force Calculator

1. What are the applications of centrifugal force?

The real-time applications of centrifugal force are the equatorial railway, a bike making a turn, vehicle driving a round a curve, weight of an object at the poles and the equator.

2. Write the differences between centripetal force and centrifugal force?

When an object moving in a circle and experience outward force is called the centrifugal force. When an object travels at a uniform speed in a circular path is called the centripetal force. Mud flying of a tire is the centrifugal force and a satellite orbiting a planet is the centripetal force.

3. How is centrifugal force calculated?

To calculate the centrifugal force, you must need mass, rdaius and tangential velocity. The formulas used is F = mv┬▓/r. Substitute the values in the formula and perform the math operations to obtain the centrifugal force.

4. What are the formulas to calculate mass and radius from the centrifugal force?

The centrifugal force formula is F = mv┬▓/r

From the above formula, mass of the object m = Fr/v┬▓

Radius r = F/mv┬▓.