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Find Gravitational Potential Energy for m = 2.005 kg and h = 2.2 m

Determine the Gravitational Potential Energy for m = 2.005 kg, h = 2.2 m i.e. 43.2719 J instantly taking help of Gravitational Potential Energy Calculator along with detailed work.

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Detailed Steps to Calculate PEg for m = 2.005 kg, h = 2.2 m

Gravitational potential energy is one type of potential energy and is equal to the product of the object's mass (m), the acceleration caused by gravity (g), and the object's height (h) as distance from the surface of the ground (the body).

The formula to calculate Gravitational potential energy is:

PEg = m x g x h


PEg = Gravitational Potential Energy

m = Mass of object

g = Gravitational constant ( 9.81 m/s2 )

h = Height of the object as distance from the surface of the ground

Step by Step Solution to find Potential Energy of Mass = 2.005 kg & Height = 2.2 m:

Given that,

mass (m) = 2.005 kg

height (h) = 2.2 m

gravity (g) = 9.81 m/s2

Substitute the value into the formula

PEg = 2.005 x 9.81 x 2.2

PEg = 43.2719 J

∴ Gravitational Potential Energy (PEg) = 43.2719 J

PEg for m = 2.005 kg, h = 2.2 m Results in different Units
Values Units
43.27191 joules (J)
0.043272 kilojoules (kJ)
4.3e-05 megajoules (mJ)
0.01202 watt hours (Wh)
1.2 x 10-05 kilowatt hours (kWh)
0.010342 kilocalories (kcal)

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