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Ideal Gas Law Calculator is an online tool that provides the unknown measurable properties of ideal gases in a fraction of seconds. Simply enter the inputs in the allotted input fields and tap on the calculate button to get output in no time.

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What is meant by Ideal Gas Law?

In general, ideal gas is considered to be a hypothetical gas. Ideal Gas Law or Universal Gas Law describes the relationship between properties of ideal gas. Ideal Gas Law States that the product of pressure and volume of an ideal gas is equal to product of absolute temperature of gas and universal gas constant.

Ideal Gas Law Formula

The emperical form of Ideal Gas Law Equation is given by the expression pV = nRT

  • Where p is the Pressure of the Gas measured in units pa
  • V is the volume of the gas and is expressed in units m┬│
  • n is the number of moles
  • R is the Ideal Gas Constant
  • T is the absolute Temperature of gas and measured in Kelvins

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Ideal Gas Law Constant

Gas Constant is also known as Molar or Uniersal Gas Constant. It is used in many fundamental equations and its value is given by 8.3144626 J/(mol·K). Gas Constant in short is defined as the product of Boltzmann's constant k and Avagadro's Number. It is given by R = NAk = (6.02214076 × 1023 /mol) * (1.38064852 × 10-23 J/K) = 8.3144626 J/(mol·K)

Ideal Gas Law Derivation

Combining the Robert Boyle, Gay-Lussac and Amedeo Avogadro's Observations we can derive the ideal gas law equation. Firstly, let us learn the individual expressions of charle's law, boyle's law, avagadro's law, etc. in the below modules.

Boyle's Law states that V∝1/P

Charle's Law states that V∝T

As per Avagadro's Law V∝n

Combining all these expressions we get the equation V∝nT/P. From the above equation it is clear that Volume is directly proportional to moles and temperature and is inversely proportional to pressure.

Rewriting the equation we get V=RnT/P. Further, let us multiply the equation we got with P to clear off the fraction and we get PV=nRT

Thus, the above equation is known as ideal gas equation.

FAQs on Ideal Gas Law Calculator

1. What does the Ideal Gas Law State?

Ideal Gas Law States that the pressure multiplied by volume is equal to mole times the universal gas constant times temperature.

2. What is Ideal Gas Equation?

Ideal Gas Equation is given by pV = nRT

3. What is T in pV nRT?

T in ideal gas equation pV nRT is the absolute temperature of the gas measured in Kelvins.

4. Is Ideal Gas Law Applicable for Liquids?

No, Ideal Gas Law Equation is not applicable for liquids.