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Index of Refraction Calculator

Index of Refraction Calculator will evaluate the refractive index of any medium provided the speed of light in that medium. Simply provide the inputs and click on the calculate button to avail index of refraction in a fraction of seconds.

Index of Refraction Calculator: Worried on how to find the refractive index of a medium as a part of your calculations? Don't bother as our handy Index of Refraction Calculator does that for you. By the end of this article, we are sure you will get an idea on what is meant by Refractive Index, its Formula, Procedure on How to find Index of Refraction step by step, etc.

Refractive Index(Index of Refraction) Formula/h2>

Index of Refraction or Refractive Index tells us how light travels through a medium. It is a dimensionless quantity that determines how much light is bent when entering a different medium. In other words, we can put it as change in speed and wavelength of the wave.

Refractive Index Formula

Index of Refraction is defined as the ratio of speed of light in vaccum to the speed of light in a medium. Refractive Index Equation is given by the expression n = c / v

  • Where c is the Speed of Light in Vaccum and its value is 299,792.46 km/s
  • v is the speed of light in medium
  • n is the refractive index
Refractive Index Explanatory Diagram

Typical values of refractive index lie between 1 and 2. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light so, the refractive index will not be lower than 1.

How to Calculate Refractive Index?

Follow the simple steps provided below to find the index of refraction and they are along the lines

  • Firstly, evaluate the speed of light in a particular medium.
  • Nextly, divide the speed of light with the speed of analyzed medium.
  • The value you obtain is the refractive index of the medium.

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FAQs on Index of Refraction Calculator

1. What does the Index of Refraction Tell you?

Refractive Index determines how much light is bent when entering a different medium.

2. What is meant by Refractive Index?

Refractive Index is nothing but the ratio of speed of light in vacuum to the speed of light in medium.

3. How do you find the Index of Refraction?

You can find the Index of Refraction using the Refractive Index Equation n = c / v

4. What happens when the index of refraction increases?

With high refractive index the density of the medium increases and the lave wave travels slowly and this causes a change in direction of light.

Index of Refraction Calculator