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Magnetic Moment Calculator

Use free and flexible Magnetic Moment Calculator to find the magnetic moment of an atom effortlessly. This handy calculator takes spin, orbital and total angular momentum details and produces the g-factor and magnetic moment as output in a fraction of seconds.

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Magnetic Moment Calculator: Finding the magnetic moment of an atom is not difficult anymore by taking the help of our calculator. You have to provide the required details in the input fields and press the calculate button to avail the result. Along with the exact result, you can also get a detailed explanation of how to solve it. Go through the further sections to obtain atom magnetic moment formula, orbital electron moment and so on.

Step by Step Process to Calculate Magnetic Moment

Follow these guidelines to get the magnetic moment of an atom easily.

  • Note down the observed parameters in the question.
  • Multiply the g-factor by the total angular momentum.
  • Multiply the quantum number by 1 added to the quantum number.
  • Get the square root of the product from the above step.
  • Multiply it by the product from the 2nd step to check the magnetic moment.

Origin of the Magnetic Moment

The magnetic moment of an atom has exactly three origins.

1. Spin Magnetic Moment:

This is the intrinsic magnetic moment of electrons. An electron contains the intrinsic magnetic moment because of the spin. The magnetic moment of a single electron is given as:

μ = - √3/4 * gS * μB


gS is the g-factor of the electron's spin and it is 2.0023

μB is the Bohr magneton and it is 9.274 x 10-24 J/T

2. Orbital Magnetic Moment:

It is the magnetic moment related to the orbital motion of electrons. Angular momentum quantum number allows the orbital motions in quantum mechanics. The magnetic moment formula is

μ = - gL * μB * √(L*(L+1))


gL = 1 is the g-factor for the orbital motion

L is the quantum number

3. Magnetic moment of the nucleus:

It is the magnetic moment of an atomic nucleus that arises from the spin of the protons and neutrons.

Magnetic Moment of an Atom Formula

The magnetic moment of an atom is the sum of the spin and orbital mangetic moment. Its equation is

μ = - gJ * μB * √(J*(J+1))


gJ is the g-factor taken combined for spin and oribtal

J is the quantun number

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Frequently Asked Questions on Magnetic Moment Calculator

1. What is the use of magnetic moment?

The magnetic moment is a vector quantity that is used to measure the tendency of an object that interacts with an external magnetic field.

2. What is a magnetic moment?

The magnetic moment is a vector quantity that is a measure of the torque exerted on a magnetic system then placed in a magnetic field.

3. How to find a magnetic moment of an atom?

The simple formula to calculate the magnetic moment of an atom is μ = - gJ * μB * √(J*(J+1)). Substitute all the values on the formula and solve to get the atom magnetic moment.

4. What is the spin magnetic moment formula?

The magnetic moment of an electron is μ = - √3/4 * gS * μB. Here gS is the g-factor of the electron's spin, μB is the Bohr magneton.

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