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Speed of Sound Calculator evaluates the speed of sound both in air and water with effect to temperature. Just enter the inputs temperature in the allotted fields and click on the calculate button to find speed easily.

Speed of sound:

Formula for Speed of Sound in Air

Air is almost an ideal gas and the formula for calculating the speed of sound in air is given as follows

c = √(γ * R * T / M) in which c is the speed of sound in ideal gas

  • R is molar gas constant and is approximately equal to 8.314,5 J · mol−1 · K−1
  • γ is the adiabatic index and it is 1.4 for air
  • T is the absolute temperature and M is the molar mass of gas which is equal to 0.028,964,5 kg/mol in dry air

Substituting the known input values in the speed of sound formula we have the equation as under

c_air = 331.3 * √(1 + T/273.15) [m/s] for T in °C

From the above equation we can understand that speed of sound is dependant on two constants γ, R and temperature but not on air pressure or density. Humidity of air also affects the speed of sound but it is comparitively small and can be neglected.


Find out the Speed of Sound in the air if the Temperature is 35°C?


Given that

Given data Temperature = 35°C

We know the formula to calculate speed of sound in air is c_air = 331.3 * √(1 + T/273.15) [m/s] for T in °C

Substituting the temperature value in the above formula we get the equation as follows

c_air = 331.3 * √(1 + 35/273.15) [m/s]

c_air = 351.8 m/s

Therefore speed of sound in air for a temperatre of 35°C is 351.8 m/s

Speed of Sound in Water

Most commonly used value for speed of the water is 1482 m/s (for 20°C). There isn't a straightforward formula for finding the speed of sound in water. mOst of the scientists derived an equation that is complex to understand and has higher order polynomials and coefficients.

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FAQs on Speed of Sound Calculator

1. What is Speed of Sound?

Speed of Sound is defined as the distance travelled per unit of time by any sound.

2. How is Speed of Sound in Air Calculated?

Speed of Sound in Air is Calculated by performing the square root of product of coefficient of adiabatic expression and pressure of gas divided by density of the medium.

3. What are the factors affecting the Speed of Sound?

The factors affecting the speed of sound are density of the medium, temperature of the medium, etc.

4. What is the Formula for Speed of Sound?

The Formula for Speed of Sound is given by c = √(γ * R * T / M)