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Use online and free Ideal Transformer Calculator to calculate the primary or secondary voltage of the transformer easily. All you need to do is enter primary winding, secondary winding and known voltage details in the calculator and press the calculate button to get the unknown voltage as result in the blink of an eye.

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How to Find Ideal Transformer Voltage?

Follow these simple steps and guiding rules to compute the voltage or widings of the ideal transformer effortlessly.

  • Check the primary winding, secondary winding and primary voltage details.
  • Multiply the primary voltage with the secondary winding.
  • Divide the product by the primary voltage to find the secondary voltage.

Ideal Transformer Equation

A transformer has two coils i.e primary and secondary coils. The Ac current flowing the transformer primary coil creates a varying magnetic field. The magnetic field induces voltage difference and electromotive force in the secondary coil. The magnetic field transfers the energy from one circuit to another.

The ratio of the number of windings between the primary and secondary coil. The number of windings in the primary coil defines the strength of the magnetic field and the secondary coil determines the strength of the electromotive force.

The ideal transformer has no power loss. Here the output power generated is equal to the input power provided.

The ideal transformer equation that relates primary and secondary voltage is

Secondary Voltage Vs = Vp x Ns/Np

Primary Voltage Vp = Vs x Np/Ns

Primary winding Np = Vp x Ns/Vs

Secondary Winding Ns = Vs x Np/Vp

The equation for current is Ip * Vp = Is * Vs


Question: The primary winding, secondary winding of a transformer has 1200 turns, 1500 turns. If the primary voltage is 120 V, find the ideal transformer secondary voltage?


Given that

Transformer Primary Winding Np = 1200

Transformer Secondary Winding Ns = 1500

Transformer Primary Voltage Vp = 120 V

Ideal transformer secondary voltage formula is Vs = Vp x Ns/Np

Vs = 120 x 1500/1200

= 150

Therefore, the ideal transformer secondary voltage is 150 V.

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FAQ's on Ideal Transformer Calculator

1. What is meant by the ideal transformer?

Transformers are used for the transmission of electrical energy. An ideal transformer is a transformer there is no power loss. So, the output power will be equal to the input power.

2. What are the properties of the ideal transformer?

The properties of ideal transformers are two windings of the transformer have small resistance. The efficiency is 100% and the total flux generated in the transformer has a restricted core and connects with the windings. The flux and inductance leakage is zero.

3. What is the main purpose of the transformer?

A transformer is an electrical device that is designed to step the voltage down. These operate on the principle of magnetic induction. Its working principle is based on the mutual inductance between two circuits that are linked by a common magnetic flux.

4. What are the advantages of the ideal transformers?

The ideal transformer has several advantages such as no flux leakage, perfect linearity, voltage, current ratios are perfectly based on the coil twists, 100% efficiency, no stray inductance and capacitance.