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Schwarzschild Radius Calculator

Make use of the Schwarzschild Radius Calculator to find the Schwarzschild radius and gravitational field of a black hole easily. All you have to do is enter the mass of the black hole, gravitational field constant details in the respective input fields of the calculator and hit the calculate button to avail the output in a short span of time.

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Schwarzschild radius :

Event Horizon Calculator: Do you want to calculate the event horizon of a black hole? If yes, then use our free calculator. It generates the exact gravitational radius along with the detailed steps to solve it. You can also find the simple steps to calculate the black holes event horizon and Schwarzschild radius formula in the following sections. Have a look at the example questions and explore the concept.

How to Calculate Schwarzschild Radius?

Below mentioned are the step to evaluate the gravitational radius of a black hole. Follow these guiding principles and get the result in a short span of time.

  • Obtain the mass of the black holes, the gravitational field constant values from the question.
  • Get the double of the body mass
  • Multiply it with the constant of gravitation
  • Divide it by the square of the speed of light to check the gravitational radius

What is Schwarzschild Radius?

A black hole is a region in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not escape from it. The event horizon is a point in space that divide two areas that doesn't have communication and in a black hole is the Schwarzchild radius.

The event horizon of a black hole divides the points the region of space where light can escape the attraction of such massive objects from the points of nothing that can resist the pull of the black hole. So, everything on the event horizon is lost forever. This effect is called the surface of a black hole.

The black hole equation is along the lines:

G = (r x c2)/2m

The gravitational radius of the black hole formula is

r = (2m x G)/c2


m is the mass of the black hole

G is the black hole gravity the surface

c is the speed of the light and it is 299,792,458 m/s

r is the Schwarzschild radius or event radius or black hole radius


Question: Calculate the Schwarzschild radius for earth with mass 5.7 x 1027 grams.


Given that

Mass of the earth m = 5.7 x 1027 grams = 5.7 x 1030 mg

Schwarzschild radius formula is r = (2m x G)/c2

r = (2 x 5.7 x 1030 x 9.8)/(299,792,458)2

= (111.72 x 1030)/(8.98 x 1016)

= 12.44 x 1014

Therefore, the Schwarzschild radius is 12.44 x 1014 mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Schwarzschild Radius Calculator

1. What is the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole?

The Schwarzschild radius is also called the event horizon, the surface of a black hole, gravitational force. It is the radius below which the gravitational attraction between the particles of a body must cause it to undergo irreversible gravitational collapse. The Schwarzschild radius of the black hole is approximately 12 million kilometres.

2. How to find the Schwarzschild radius?

Multiply the gravitational field constant with the double of mass of the black hole. Divide the product by the square of the speed of light to obtain the black hole radius.

3. What is the Schwarzschild radius equation?

The Schwarzschild radius formula is G = rc²/2m. Here, G is the gravitational constant, r is the Schwarzschild radius and m is the mass of the black hole.

4. How to use the Schwarzschild radius for the black hole calculator?

Using this Schwarzschild radius calculator, you can compute the whether radius, mass or gravitational field. Provide the unknown details in the input fields of the calculator and press the calculate button to get the result.

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