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By providing the inputs in the input fields and tap on the calculate button to get the accurate result and the detailed solution by our free Tension Calculator. So, make use of this user-friendly tool and get the tension in a fraction of seconds.

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How to Find Tension?

The following are the steps to get the tension of a rope easily.

  • Make a note of the given details in the question.
  • If the object is hanging to one rope, then multiply the mass of the object with the acceleration due to gravity to get the tension of rope.
  • When the object is pulling on a frictionless surface, then multiply the cos of angle and tension force.
  • Divide the product by cos of other angle to find the tension.

Tension Formulas

Tension is defined as the force along the length of a medium, particularly a force carried by a flexible medium which is rope. Tension is the force applied on a rope to move the object.

The formula to calculate the tension when an one object is hanging is

T = mg + ma

The formula to get the tension of a rope when 2 objects are hanging are

Newton's second law is F = m * a

So, a = F/m

T1sinα + T2sinβ = mg

The tension formula when object is pulling on a frictionless surface

a = F/m

a = Tcosα/m


T is the tension of rope

m is the object mass

g is the acceleration due to gravity

F is the force acting

α, β are the angles


Question: A monkey of mass 12 kgs climbs up a light vertical string suspended from a hook with an acceleration of 3 m/s2. Find the tension in the string.


Given that

mass m = 12 kgs

accerelation a = 3 m/s2<

Tension formula is T = ma + mg

T = 12 * 3 + 12 * 9.8

= 36 + 117.6

= 153.6

Therefore, tension is 153.6 N.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Acceleration Calculator

1. How does gravity affect the rope tension?

Gravitional force always acts opposite to the tension. If the object hanging to the rope is not balanced by the tension, then it will accelerate down due to gravity.

2. How to calculate the tension

You just need to multiply the object mass with the acceleration due to gravity and again multiply the object mass with the acceleration. Add those two products to get the tension acting on the rope

3. How to calculate tension force using a calculator?

Students need to enter the object weight and other required details in the input fields and press on the calculate button to get the tension value instantly.

4. There is a 15 kg mass hanging from a rope. What is the tension in the rope if the acceleration of the mass is zero?

Given that,

Mass of the object m = 15 kgs

Acceleration a = 0

Tension formula T = ma + mg

T = 15 * 0 + 15 * 9.8

= 0 + 147

Therefore, tension of the rope is 147 N.