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Kinetic Energy Calculator is a free online tool that that determines the kinetic energy within no time. Simply, enter mas of the object and its velocity in the input fields and click on the calculate button to find the exact result in fraction of seconds.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90


Steps to Find Kinetic Energy

In order to calculate the kinetic energy of an object, go through the simple steps provided here.

  • Check out the object mass and velocity from the question.
  • Square the velocity value and multiply it with mass of the object.
  • Divide the product by 2 to get the kinetic energy value.

Kinetic Energy Formula

Kinetic Energy is nothing but the energy possessed by the object due to its motion. It is also defined as the work required to accelerate an object of the mass from rest to its velocity. Whenever an object is in a moving state, then it uses kinetic energy. So, kinetic energy depends on both velocity and mass of the object. The formulas to calculate kinetic energy is given by

Kinetic Energy = ½ * m * v²

m = (2 * KE) / v²

v = √((2 * KE) / m)


m is the mass of the object

v is the velocity.


Question: A cyclist and bike have a total mass of 100 kg and a velocity of 15 m/s. Calculate the Kinetic Energy?


Given that,

Mass of the bike m = 100 kg

Velocity v = 15 m/s

Kinetic Energy formula is given as

Kinetic Energy = ½ * m * v²

Put those values in the above formula

KE = ½ * 100 * 15²

= ½ * 100 * 15 * 15

= ½ * 22500

= 11,250

∴ Kinetic Energy is 11,250 J.

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FAQs on Kinetic Energy Calculator

1. How do you solve kinetic energy problems?

First of all, find out the mass and velocity of the moving object from the question. Substitute the given values in the kinetic energy formula to get the answer.

2. What is the formula for calculating kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy formula is KE = ½ * m * v². In this formula, m is the mass of the object and v is the velocity of the moving body.

3. What are the kinetic energy examples?

Kinetic energy can be defined as the energy which is present in every moving object. Some of the examples of kinetic energy are wind mills, moving car, hydropower plant, bullet released from a gun, flying airplane, cycling, moving cricket ball, dropping a glass on the floor.

4. A tennis ball is traveling at 50 m/s and has a kinetic energy of 75 J. Calculate the mass of the tennis ball?

Mass m = (2 * KE) / v²

= (2 * 75) / 50²

= 150 / (50 * 50) = 150 / 2500

Mass of the tennis ball = 0.06 kg = 0.06 * 1000 = 60 grams