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Acceleration in the Electric Field Calculator can be a great tool to assist you regarding the calculation of acceleration of a charged particle in electric field. Enter the inputs like mass, charge of the particle, electric field stregth and our calculator does everything for you in a split second.

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Acceleration in the Electric Field - Definition

Acceleration in the Electric Field is defined as the total acceleration caused due to force of electric field.

Acceleration in the Electric Field Formula

If we are aware of the mass of the particle, then we can easily determine the acceleration of the particle. For this purpose we can use the formula a=q*E/m

  • Where a is the acceleration of the particle
  • q is the charge of the particle
  • m is the mass of the particle
  • E is the Electric Field Strength

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Electric Field Acceleration Derivation

We can derive the Acceleration in the Electric Field by using the Newtons Second Law formula i.e. F = ma. From this equation we can get the acceleration i.e. a = F/m where F is the force and m is the mass.

In terms of electric fields and particles we can express the formula for Force as F = q*E where q is the charge, E is the Electric Field Strength.

Equating both the force values we have q*E=m*a

Rearranging the same we have the formula for acceleration in electric field i.e. a = q*E/m

How to Calculate Electric Field Acceleration?

Go through the below provided guidelines and find out the electric acceleration in no time. They are along the lines

  • Firstly, determine the charge, mass of the particles, electric field strength.
  • Next, substitute the input values in the formula of Electric Acceleration i.e. a = q * E / m
  • Reduce the equation further and simplify to obtain the acceleration in the electric field.

FAQs on Acceleration in the Electric Field Calculator

1. What is the Formula to find Acceleration in the Electric Field?

Acceleration in the Electric Field is given by a = q*E/m

2. What is meant by Acceleraton in an Electric Field?

Acceleration in an Electric Field is nothing but the total acceleration of a particle caused due to electric field's force.

3. How to Calculate the Electric Acceleration?

You can find the Electric Acceleration by dividing the product of charge of particles and Strength of Electric Field with Mass of the Particle.

4. What is the Equation for Electric Field Strength?

The Equation for Electric Field Strength is E = F/q