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Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator is a handy and simple to use tool used for determining the atmospheric pressure at any level and at any temperature. You just need to provide the inputs such as Altitude, Temperature, Pressure at Sea Level to get the Atmospheric Pressure easily.

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Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator: Are you looking curiously everywhere to find out the atmospheric pressure? If so, you have landed on the right page that answers all your questions regarding the air pressure at altitude. You will find information about what is meant by atmospheric pressure, how to calculate air pressure at altitude, formula, etc. explained clearly for better understanding of the concept.

What is Atmospheric Pressure?

Air Pressure is nothing but the force exerted by atmospheric air on the surface of the planet. The greater the elevation is the smaller the mass of air lying on the ground. Atmospheric Pressure increases with increase in temperature. Units of Pressure are Pascals(Pa).

Air Pressure at Altitude Formula

One needs to use the barometric formula inorder to find the air pressure at altitude. Pressure Altitude Formula is given by the equation P = P₀ exp(-gM(h-h₀)/(RT))

  • h is the altitude at which we want to determine the air pressure and is expressed in units m
  • P is the air Pressure at Altitude h
  • P₀ is the pressure at reference level h₀. In general, reference level is at sea level and h₀ = 0
  • T is the Temperature at Altitude h and is given in units Kelvins
  • g is the gravitational acceleration and for earth its value is g = 9.80665 m/s²
  • M is the Molar Mass of Air and for Eartly Air M = 0.0289644 kg/mol
  • R is the Universal Gas Constant and its value is equal to R = 8.31432 N·m/(mol·K)

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How to find Air Pressure at Altitude?

Follow the step by step procedure listed below to calculate air pressure at altitude easily. They are as such

  • Firstly, figure out the altitude(h) at which you want to determine the atmospheric pressure.
  • Find out the reference pressure P₀ and the typical value for Earth is 1 atm.
  • Then, choose the air temperature T at altitude h.
  • Substitute all the known parameters in the formula for air pressure at altitude i.e. P = P₀ exp(-gM(h-h₀)/(RT))
  • Simplify the equation obtained and find the Air Pressure easily.

FAQs on Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator

1. What is meant by Air Pressure?

Air Pressure is the force exerted by atmospheric air on the surface of the planet.

2. What is Pressure Altitude Formula?

Air Pressure at Altitude can be found using the formula P = P₀ exp(-gM(h-h₀)/(RT))

3. What does h stands for in the Pressure Altitude Formula?

h stands for the Altitude at which you want to calculate the pressure.

4. What are the Common Units of Pressure?

The Common Units of Pressure are Pascal, Kilopascals, Megapascals, Gigapascals, Pound Per Square Inch, Atmospheric Pressure, Bar, etc.

Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator