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Angular Acceleration Calculator

Take the help of our free Angular Acceleration Calculator to compute the angular acceleration of an object using angular velocity acceleration or tangential acceleration and radius methods. You can find the result easily and fastly by just providing the required details and press the calculate button.

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Angular Acceleration Calculator: Do you want any assistance to calculate the angular acceleration of an object? Then we are here to help you in solving the angular acceleration problems. Have a look at the free tool that helps to compute the angular acceleration value easily. Go through the below sections to obtain a detailed step by step process to compute the angular acceleration manually. Also, check the solved examples and formulas for a better understanding of the concept.

How to Get The Angular Acceleration?

Use these simple steps to get the angular acceleration when you know initial, final angular velocities and time or tangential acceleration and radius.

Tangential Acceleration & Radius Method:

  • Obtain radius and tangential acceleration values from the question.
  • Convert those values into the same units.
  • Divide the tangential acceleration by radius to get the angular acceleration.

Angular Acceleration Velocity Method:

  • Get the initial angular velocity, final angular velocity and time taken to move the object.
  • Subtract the final angular velocity from the initial angular velocity.
  • Divide the result by time to see the angular acceleration.

Angular Acceleration Formula

Angular Acceleration is defined as rate of change of angular velocity to the time taken for the object motion. It is also known as rotational acceleration and denoted by α.

The SI unit of angular acceleration is radian per second square.

The useful formulas to calculate the angular acceleration are provided below:

Angular Velocity Acceleration formula is

α = (ω₂ - ω₁) / t

t = (ω₂ - ω₁) /α

ω₂ = (α * t) + ω₁

ω₁ = ω₂/(α * t)

Tangential acceleration and rdaius formula is

α = a / R

a = α * R

R = a / α


α is the angular acceleration or rotational aceleration

a is the tangential acceleration

R is the radus of the circle

ω₁ is the initial angular velocity

ω₂ is the final angular velocity

t is the time of change of angular velocity


Question: A object starts rotation with an angular velocity of 5 rad/s and attained a angular velocity 15 rad/s in 10 sec. Find the angular acceleration of object?


Given that

Initial angular velocity ω₁ = 5 rad/s

Final angular velocity ω₂ = 15 rad/s

Timte t = 10 seconds

Angular acceleration formula is α = (ω₂ - ω₁) / t

Substitute the values

α = (15 - 5) / 10

= 10/10

= 1 rad/s²

Therefore, angular acceleration of the rotating acceleration is 1 rad/s².

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FAQs on Angular Acceleration Calculator

1. How to calculate angular acceleration from torque?

You can also calculate the angular acceleration value without knowing the time value. Get the torque and moment of inertia. Divide the torque by moment of inertia to know the angular acceleration value.

2. How to use an angular acceleration calculator?

First of all, students need to select a method to find the angular acceleration based on the values you know.

Enter initial angular velocity, final angular velocity and time values or tangential acceleration and radius values in the input sections.

Tap on the calculate button to obtain the output within no time.

3. Calculate the rotational acceleration if the tangential acceleration is 6 m/sec² and radius is 5 m.

Given that,

Tangential acceleration a = 6 m/sec²

Radius R = 5 m

Angular acceleration α = a / R

= 6/5

Angular acceleration = 1.2 rad/s

4. What are the units of angular acceleration?

The most common units of angular acceleration are angle pr second square i.e rad/s², °/s². The other units are 1/s² or Hz/s.

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