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Angular Resolution Calculator will help you find the angular resolution of a lens, resolve the small details of an object. Make your calculations simple and quick using the handy tool over here in a matter of seconds.

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Angular Resolution - Definition

Angular Resolution is the capacity of an optical instrument to separate two objects that are located at a small angular distance. If the angular resolution is small then you can see more details.

Angular Resolution Formula

Angular Resolution also known as Rayleigh Criterion and the emperical formula for Angular Resolution is given by

╬╕ = 1.22 * ╬╗ / d

  • Where ╬╕ is the Angular Resolution and expressed in units radians
  • ╬╗ is the wavelength of light
  • d is the diameter of lens aperture

Above formula is based on the principle of diffraction grating. Two Light Sources are said to be resolved if the principal diffraction maximum of one image coincides with the first minimum of the other.

How to Calculate the Angular Resolution?

Follow the simple steps provided below to find out the Angular Resolution easily. They are along the lines

  • Firstly, determine the wavelength of the light.
  • And then, determine the diameter of the lens aperture
  • Finally, calculate the angular resolution using the formula ╬╕ = 1.22 * ╬╗ / d and by substituing the known values.


Find out the Angular Resolution of the lens if the wavelength of light is 150nm and aperture diameter is 20 mm?


Given that

Wavelength of Light ╬╗ = 150 nm

Aperture Diameter = 20 mm

We know the formula to find out the Angular Resolution is ╬╕ = 1.22 * ╬╗ / d

Substituing the known parameters in the above formula we have the equation as follows

╬╕ = 1.22 * 150nm / 20mm

Simplifying the equation further we get the value of angular resolution as ╬╕ = 0.000524 degrees

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Frequently Asked Questions on Angular Resolution Calculator

1. What is Angular Resolution?

Angular Resolution is the minimum angular distance between two distinct objects that an instrument can resolve in detail.

2. What are the Units of Angular Resolution?

Units of Angular Resolution are Radians, Degrees, Gradians, Minutes of Arc, Seconds of Arc, Milliradians, Microradians, etc.

3. What is the Angular Resolution of Human Eye?

Angular Resolution of Human Eye is 0.02┬░ or 0.0003 radians.

4. What is the Formula for Angular Resolution?

The Formula to find Angular Resolution is ╬╕ = 1.22 * ╬╗ / d