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Aperture Area Calculator

Aperture Area Calculator will find the aperture area of lens in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is provide the respective inputs and tap on the calculate button to avail results in no time.

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Aperture Area Calculator: Trying to figure out the aperture area of a lens? If so, make use of the Aperture Area Calculator and determine the focal length, f-number, or aperture diameter as per your requirement in a matter of seconds. Read on to know about aperture area definition, steps on how to calculate the aperture area, formula, etc. in the forthcoming modules.

Aperture Diameter and f-number

Aperture is a hole or opening in an optical system through which light enters. The larger the aprture is the more light enters and light is less collimated. Aperture Diameter is nothing but the diameter of the opening.

The other characteristics of optical system are f-number, focal length. The focal length is nothing but the distance over which initially collimated rays are brought to a focus. The larger the focal length is the more sharply you can see the distant objects. On the other hand, f-number is nothing but the ratio of focal length f to aperture diameter D i.e. n=f/D.

In commercial lenses we can set the f-number to predefined values such as 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, ... They indicate the decreasing aperture diameter by √2 and the aperture area by a factor of 2.

Area of Aperture Formula

Aperture Area can be written in two ways and they are as follows

A = π (D / 2)^2 = π (f / (2 * n))^2

  • Where D is the Aperture Diameter
  • f is the focal length
  • n is the f-number
  • A is the Aperture Area


Calculate the Aperture Area if te f-number is 1.4, focal length is 16mm?


Given that

f-number = 1.4

We know the formula to find the Area of Aperture using f-number is A = π (f / (2 * n))^2

Substituting the input parameters in the above formula we have the equation as such

A = π(16 / (2 * 1.4))^2

A = 102.57 mm²

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Frequently Asked Questions on Aperture Area Calculator

1. How to find the Area of Aperture?

We can find the Area of Aperture by multiplying pi value with half of aperture diameter squared.

2. What is the Formula for Area of Aperture?

Area of Aperture Formula is given by A = π (D / 2)^2

3. What is f in the Aperture Area Formula?

f stands for focal length in the Aperture Area Formula.

Aperture Area Calculator