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Our free Black Hole Temperature Calculator is helpful to calculate the temperature of a black hole in the dark environment easily. Just you need to give the mass of the black hole and press the calculate button to get the result in a short span of time.

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Steps to Find Temperature of a Black Hole

The following is the step by step process to calculate the black body temperature. Go through these guiding principles to find the answer.

  • Let us take the mass of the black hole.
  • Multiply the planck's constant by three times the speed of light.
  • Multiply the Boltzmann constant, gravitational constant, mass and 8 times the pie.
  • Divide the product from step 2 by step 3.

Black Hole Temperature Equation

A black body is a theoretical object that absorbs all radiation that gets to it. The black body temperature depends on the absorbed radiation.

A black hole is a black body and follows rules of emission and absorption. The temperature of a black hole depends on the mass and how it will emit radiation called Hawking radiation.

The black hole temperature formula is as follows:

T = ℏ c³ / (8 * π * G * M * Kb)


M is the black hole mass

ℏ is the reduced Planck constant and its value is 1.0545718001 x 10-34

c is the speed of light

G is the universal gravitational constant and value is 6.67408 x 10-11

Kb is the Boltzmann constant and value is 1.380649 x 10-23

T is the black hole temperature


Question: If the mass of the black hole is 15 times weight of the sun. Find the black hole temperature?


Given that

Mass of the black hole M = 15 suns

Black hole temperature is T = ℏ c³ / (8 * π * G * M * Kb)

T = 1.0545718001 x 10-34 x (299792458)³ / (8 * π * 6.67408 x 10-11 * 15 * 1.380649 x 10-23)

= 4.1145 x 10-9 K

Therefore, the tempera' of a black hole is 4.1145 x 10-9 K

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FAQ's on Black Hole Temperature Calculator

1. How to measure the temperature of a black hole?

The simple formula used to measure the temperature of a black hole is T = 3/(8πGMKb). Students have to provide all the constant values along with the mass of the object and simplify to obtain the temperature of a black hole.

2. What are the types of black holes?

The 4 different types of black holes are stellar, intermediate, supermassive and miniature. The known way of a black hole forms is by stellar death.

3. What is the temperature of a black hole?

Black holes are freezing cold inside but very hot just outside. The internal temperature of a black hole with the mass of the sun is around one-millionth of degrees above zero.

4. Can the Sun be a black hole?

No, the sun can't become a black hole. Because it needs 20 times more massive to end its life as a black hole.