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Boltzmann Factor Calclator makes your job simple and determines the Boltzmann Factor Value in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is simply provide the necessary inputs specified in the input section of the tool and tap on the calculate button to avail result.

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Boltzmann Distribution or Gibbs Distribution

Boltzmann Distribution denotes a probability with which an individual state of a system appears at thermal equilibrium given by the temperature T. The equation is P = 1/Z * exp(- E/(kB * T))

  • Where Z is the normalization constant
  • E is the Energy of State in Joules
  • kB = 1.38065 * 10^(-23) J/K is the Boltzmann Constant
  • T is the Temperature in Kelvins
  • P is the Probability at which that this state occurs

One more important feature of Boltzmann Distribution is that Probability P depends on Energy E of the State.

Boltzmann Factor

Boltzmann Factor tells us the relative probability with which two states of Energies EΓéü and EΓéé occur. Dividing the Boltzmann Distribution for these two states we get PΓéü/PΓéé = exp(- (EΓéü - EΓéé)/(kB * T)). It is evident that relative probability depends on the difference of energies. The other factor that plays a vital role in Boltzmann Factor is Temperature. The Lower the Temperature is the more probable is the State of Lower Energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Boltzmann Factor Calculator

1. How to Calculate the Boltzmann Factor?

You can calculate the Boltzmann Factor using the formula PΓéü/PΓéé = exp(- (EΓéü - EΓéé)/(kB * T))

2. What does Boltzmann Factor tell you?

Boltzmann Factor tells us the relative probability with which two states of Energies E1 and E2 Occur.

3. What is the Boltzmann Distribution Equation?

Boltzmann Distribution Equation is given by the expression P = 1/Z * exp(- E/(kB * T))

4. How to use the Boltzmann Factor Calculator?

You just need to provide the Energies E1 and E2, Temperature T in the allotted input fields and then hit the calculate button to avail the Boltzmann Factor in a matter of seconds.