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Brewster's Angle Calculator is a free total that finds the Brewster angle of polarized light in the blink of an eye. Just provide the refractive index 1 and refractive index 2 in the below-provided input sections and tap on the calculate button.

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How to Find Brewster Angle of Light?

Have a look at the detailed step by step process to calculate the Brewster angle of a light from the following sections. Follow these guidelines and obtain the result.

  • Get the refractive index of the medium through which light propagates and refractive index of the medium that reflects light.
  • Divide n2 by n1.
  • Apply the tan inverse funcction to the result to check the Brewster angle of light.

Light Polarization | Brewster Angle

Light is an electromagnetic wave having electric and magnetic as its oscillating fields. Those two fields are perpendicular to each other and oscillate in every possible direction. Normally, this is called unpolarized light. This light can be polarized only when its two fields oscillate in specific directions.

When light meets a medium having a different refractive index, then its propagation direction changes & it both reflect or refract. Light reflected means the angle of reflection is equal to the incident angle. An angle at which the reflected light is perfectly polarized is called Brewster's angle.

The formula for the Brewster angle of polarization is ╬▒B = arctan(n2 / n1)

The formula to find the refractive index 2 is n2 = n1*tan(╬▒B)

The formula for refractive index 1 is n1 = n2/tan(╬▒B)


╬▒B is the Brewster's angle

n1 is the refractive index of the medium through which the light propagates

n2 is the refractive index of the medium that reflects light.


Question: Calculate the Brewster angle of light that travels from water (n = 1.23) into the air?


Given that

Refraction index (n1) = 1.23

Refractive index n2 = 1.5

Brewster angle formula is ╬▒B = arctan(n2 / n1)

╬▒B = arctan(1.5 / 1.23)

= arctan(1.219)

= 50.63 degrees

Therefore, Brewster angle is 50.63 degrees.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Brewster Angle Calculator

1. What is Brewster's Law?

According to Brewster's Law, the maximum polarization of light takes place when the angle is 90 degrees between the reflected and refracted ray. The Brewster law formula is ╬╝ = tan ip.

2. What is the Brewster angle?

In simple words, the Brewster angle is the angle where the light gets polarized. The formula to compute the Brewster angle is ╬▒B = arctan(n2 / n1).

3. What are the applications of Brewster Law?

The applications of Brewster law are polarized sunglasses, in photography to reduce the reflection from the surface, Brewster windows, gas lasers and solid lasers.

4. Explain the types of light polarization?

The three different types of polarization are Linear Polarization, Circular Polarization, Elliptical Polarization. When the electric and magnetic fields oscillate in one direction, then it is linear polarization. The directions of the fields form an ellipse called the elliptical polarization and field directions rotate at a constant rate is circular polarization.