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Car Crash Calculator is a online tool that estimates the g-force acting on you in a car crash. Simply provide the inputs in the specified fields of input section as per the respective mode i.e. before, during car crash and get the concerned outputs.

Force of Impact - Definition & Formula

Force of Impact is the total force acting on an object at the time of collision. In order to derive the Impact Force Equation you can make use of the law of conservation of energy principle. Initially a moving object possess kinetic energy which after collision becomes zero. In order to meet the conservation of energy law change in kinetic energy should be balanced by the work done by the impact force.

Impact Force Equation is written as such

F = m * v┬▓ / (2 * d)

Where F is the avg. impact force

m is the mass of an object

v is the initial speed of the object

d is the distance traveled at the time of collision

Extending the distance moved during the collision reduces the average impact force. You can better understand the impact force if we can write the formula using time of collision t rather than using distance d

F = v * m / t

The above formula is a special case of impulse and momentum formula. Extending the time of collision will reduce the average impact force. Suppose you jump from a specific height directly on to ground in one case and on a trampoline in other case. While falling on a ground it takes less time compared to a trampoline as it is a flat surface time of collision extends.

It is similar to car crashes. Cars are designed to collapse on impact thus extending the time of collision and reducing the impact force. This is the reason they can't be too durable.

How to find Impact Force or G-Force in Car Crashes?

The Impact Forces listed above are in the case of collision of ideal objects. However in real, force during a collision can be quite extensive. You can make certain estimation regarding impact force during a car crash.

Let us consider a driver sitting in the car is moving with a speed v hits a tree and stops immediately. Then, due to inertial force driver moves forward, until he is stopped by the impact on a steering column or windshield. Stopping distance is quite short as none of the objects are contractible enough.

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How do Seatbelts and Airbags Protect You?

The basic task of seat belts and airbags is the same. Both of them are used to extend the collision distance. Suppose when you are driving with a certain speed and you hit an object but having a seat belt. Seat belt will extend when the impact force is applied on it. To sum up on a whole seat belt will stop the body from hitting hard things in the car and also reduces the impact force subjected on you by increasing the time. Air bags are also placed infront of the drivers for increased safety.

FAQs on Car Crash Calculator

1. How is Car Accident Force Calculated?

Car Accident Force can be calculated using the formula F = m * v┬▓ / (2 * d)

2. How is Impact Force Calculated?

We can calculate the force of impact by simply dividing kinetic energy by distance.

3. Does height affect impact force?

Higher drop height will result in higher veocity thus resulting in higher impact force.

4. Where does the energy go in a car crash?

Energy can neither be created nor transfered thus it transfers from moving object to something else as the body slows down.