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Give our Carnot Efficiency Calculator a try and determine the carnot efficiency provided the cold, hot reservoir temperatures. All you need to do is enter the necessary inputs and hit the calculate button to get the thermal efficiency of a heat engine operating on carnot cycle instantly.

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What is a Carnot Heat Engine?

Carnot Heat Engine operates on carnot cycle and obeys the laws of thermodynamics. In the Carnot Cycle engine goes through 4 consecutive processes and then returns to initial stage. Engine has two stationary bodies and a working substance and the two stationary bodies have constant temperatures. First one is called furnace Th and the other one is refrigerator with temperature Tc. The four phases in the carnot cycle are Isothermal Expansion, Adiabatic Expansion, Isothermal compression, Adiabitic Compression, etc.

Carnot Efficiency Equation

In order to find the thermal efficiency of a carnot cycle you need to use the following formula. They are as follows

η = (Th - Tc) / Th * 100% where Th and Tc are the absolute temperatures expressed in Kelvin.

How to Calculate the Carnot Efficiency?

Go through the simple steps provided below to find the carnot efficiency. They are along the lines

  • Firstly, determine the hot and low reservoir temperatures.
  • Find the difference between hot and low reservoir temperatures.
  • Divide the difference with the hot temperature and then multiply the result obtained with 100%
  • Simplify the equation further and get the carnot efficiency in no time.

Carnot Engine Efficiency Example

What is the efficiency of a Carnot engine with a hot reservoir of 220°C and a cold reservoir of 45°C?


Given that

Hot Reservoir Temperature Th = 220°C

Cold Reservoir Temperature Tc = 45°C

we know the formula of Carnot Efficiency η = (Th - Tc) / Th * 100%

Substitute the input parameters in the above equation we get

η = (220°C - 45°C) / 220°C * 100%

η = 35.486%

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Frequently Asked Questions on Carnot Efficiency Calculator

1. What is meant by Carnot Efficiency?

Carnot Efficiency is the maximum amount of energy that a heat engine has when its operating between two different temperatures.

2. What is Carnot Efficiency Equation?

Carnot Efficiency Equation is given by η = (Th - Tc) / Th * 100%

3. How is Carnot Efficiency Calculated?

Firstly, find the highest and lowest temperatures, and then find the difference between them. Divide the difference with hot temperature and multiply with 100 to get the desired carnot efficiency.

4. What are the applications of Carnot Engine?

Some of the Applications of Carnot Engine are Heat Pumps, Refrigerators, Steam Turbines used in Ships, Reaction Turbines of Airplane, etc.