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Cloud Base Calculator

Use this free Cloud Base Calculator tool to get the cloud base altitude and temperature quickly. Just you have to enter temperature, dew point and elevation details and hit the calculate button to check the result in a matter of seconds.

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Cloud Base Altitude

Cloud Base Calculator: Calculate the temperature of clouds in a day with the given weather conditions and also find the distance between the earth surface and the cloud using this Cloud Base Calculator. Check out the manual steps to find the cloud base altitude and temperature. We have also provided formulas and example questions on cloud temperature in the following sections.

Steps to Calculate Temperature of Clouds

The following are the steps to find the cloud base altitude and temperature for the given wheather conditions. Have a look at it and follow them to get the results effortlessly.

  • Subtract dew point from the temperature.
  • Divide the result by 4.4 and multiply it by 1000.
  • Add elevation to the product to get cloud base altitude value.
  • Subtract elevation from the cloud base and multiply it by 5.4
  • Again subtract the temperature from the product to obtain the cloud temperature.

Cloud Altitude Formula | What is Temperature of Clouds?

The base of the cloud is the lowest altitude of the visible part of the cloud. The parameters of cloud base calculator are explained below:

Air Temperature: The temperaturev in the air can be measured with the regular thermometer.

Dew Point: The temperature where water condensates measured at the same elevation above sea level as the air temperature.

Elevation: It is the point above the sea level where you have to took all the measurements.

The formulas to calculate the cloud base altitude and cloud temperature are along the lines:

cloud base altitude = (temperature - dew point)/4.4 * 1000 + elevation

cloud temperature = temperature - 5.4 * (cloud base - elevation)


Question: Calculate the cloud base, cloud temperature if the temperature is 25°C and dew point is 50°C.


Given that

Temperature = 25°C

Dew point = 50°C

elevation = 0

cloud base altitude = (temperature - dew point)/4.4 * 1000 + elevation

cloud base altitude = (25 - 50)/4.4 * 1000 + 0

= -25/4.4 * 1000

= -5681.81

cloud temperature = temperature - 5.4 * (cloud base - elevation)

cloud temperature = 25 - 5.4 * (-5681.81 - 0)

= 25 - 5.4 * -5681.81

= 25 + 30681.81

= 30706.81

Therefore, the cloud temperature is 30706.81°C, cloud base altitude is -5681.81°C.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cloud Base Calculator

1. What is the difference between cloud base and cloud ceiling?

Cloud base is the height of the lowest visible portion of the cloud over an airfield. Cloud ceiling is the height above the ground or water of the base of the lowest layer of cloud. Cloud base is the bottom surface level of the cloud irrespective of the sky coverage. And cloud coverage constitutes ceiling, then the cloud base is same as the ceiling regardless of the bottom margin.

2. What defines cloud base?

Cloud base is the lower edge of cloud system or a cloud.

3. How to use Cloud Base Calculator?

You need to give inputs such as temperature, dew point in the calculator and press on the blue colour calculate button to obtain the cloud base altitude and cloud temperature values at the output section within short span of time.

4. What is the formula to calculate the cloud base?

The formula to compute the cloud base altitude is cloud base = (temperature - dew point)/4.4 * 1000 + elevation


Temperature is the amount of heat or cold measured on a thermometer

Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur.

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2. What is initial and final velocity?

Initial velocity means the velocity of an object before it has

3. What is the difference between acceleration and average acceleration?

Acceleration of an object is change in object velocity over an increment of time.

4. Is zero acceleration constant acceleration?

Zero acceleration means there is no change in velocity i.e body is moving with same velocity.

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Initial velocity = 36 km/h = 36 * 1000 m / 3600 s = 10 m/s

Final velocity = 72 km/h = 72 * 1000 m / 3600 s = 20 m/s

time = 25 seconds

Acceleration = (20 - 10) / 25

= 10 / 25 = 0.4 m/s2 Acceleration Calculator