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Compton Wavelength Calculator

Our free Compton Wavelength Calculator is used to find the Compton wavelength of any object quickly. It just takes the object mass as input and produces the Compton Wavelength as result in a fraction of seconds.

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Compton Wavelength Calculator: Calculating the Compton Wavelength of an object is not difficult. This handy, flexible and user-friendly calculator tool makes it easy for you. It gives the exact Compton wavelength value as the answer and steps to obtain it. You can also check the Compton Wavelength equation, and more useful information in the below-sections.

Steps to Get Compton Wavelength

Go through the detailed steps to calculate the Compton wavelength of a body easily.

  • Obtain the mass of the body.
  • Multiply the body mass with the speed of the light
  • Divide constant by the product to check the Compton wavelength.

Compton Wavelength Formula

Compton wavelength of an object corresponds to the wavelength of a photon of energy equal to the rest energy of this object.

The Compton wavelength equation is defined as λ = h / (mc)


h is the Planck constant and its value is 6.62607 x 10-34 J-s

m is the mass of the object

c is the speed of light and value is 299 792 458 m/s

λ is the Compton wavelength


Question: What is the Compton Wavelength of an object whose mass is 15 kgs?


Given that

Mass of the object m = 15 kgs

Compton wavelength formula is λ = h / (mc)

λ = 6.62607 x 10-34 / (15 x 299 792 458)

= 8.873 x 10-5

Therefore, the object Compton wavelength is 8.873 x 10-5.

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FAQ's on Compton Wavelength Calculator

1. How to Find Compton Wavelength?

Multiply the object mass by the speed of the light. Divide the constant by the product to check the Compton wavelength of an object in quantum mechanics.

2. Why there are two peaks in the Compton effect?

For scattering angles, we have two intensity peaks. One is located at the wavelength which is the wavelength of the incident beam. The second is located at another wavelength.

3. What is Compton wavelength?

The Compton wavelength is the quantum mechanics of a particle that is defined as the wavelength of the particle which is equal to the wavelength of the photon with the same mass.

4. What is the Compton wavelength equation?

The Compton wavelength equation is given as λ = h/(mc). Here, c is the speed of light, m is the mass of the particle, h is the Planck constant and λ is the wavelength of the particle.

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