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Calculate the Curie Constant value using the Curie Constant Calculator. Simply, enter the number of atoms, lattice constant and magnetic moment details in the respective input fields and click the calculate button to get the result in a short span of time.

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Steps to Find Curie Constant

Have a look at the step by step process to calculate the Curie constant value easily.

  • Divide the permeability of free space by the three times of Boltzmann constant
  • Multiply it with the number of atoms
  • Get the cube of lattice constant and square of the magnetic moment
  • Divide the result in 2nd step by the result to check the Curie constant.

Curie Constant Equation

The Curie law of magnetism states that the magnetization of the paramagnetic substance is proportional to the Curie constant and the magnetic field. Magnetization is inversely proportional to the temperature

M = C/T x B

The Curie constant characterizes the susceptibility of the paramagnetic material to the magnetic field. Its equation is

C = ╬╝0/(3kB) * N / a┬│ * ╬╝┬▓


μ0 is the permeability of free space and its value is 4 * π * 10-7 T * m/A

kB is the Boltzmann constant and value is 1,381 * 10-7 J/K

N is the number of atoms carrying the magnetic moment in a unit cell

a is the lattice constant

╬╝ is the magnetic moment of a single atom


Question: If the number of atoms in a paramagnetic material are 120, lattice constant is 0.3 nm and magnetic moment is 2 ╬╝B. Find the Curie constant?


Given that

Lattice a = 0.2 nm

Number of atoms N = 120

Magnetic moment ╬╝ = 2 ╬╝B

Curie constant formula C = ╬╝0/(3kB) * N / a┬│ * ╬╝┬▓

C = 4 π x 10-7/(3 x 1,381 * 10-7) x 120/0.2³ x 2²

= 46.39 KA/Tm

Therefore, the Curie constant value is 46.39 KA/Tm

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FAQ's on Curie Constant Calculator

1. What is the Curie constant value?

The value od Curie constant can be evaluated using the formula C = ╬╝0/(3kB) * N/a┬│ * ╬╝┬▓. Here a is the lattice constant, ╬╝ is the magnetic moment, and N is the number of atoms.

2. What are the applications of the Curie constant?

The Curie constant value is used in Curie law. This law states that for any magnetic field, the magnetisation of the material is inversely proportional to the temperature.

3. What are the limitations of Curie's law?

The Curie-Weiss law holds false in many materials to describe the susceptibility. If the temperature is greater than the critical temperature than the critical temperature is replaced by the Curie temperature.

4. What are the factors that affect the Curie constant?

The factors that affect the Curie constant are the number of atoms, lattice constant, and magnetic moment.