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Utilise this free Curie's Law Calculator to determine the magnetization of paramagnetic materials including their dependence on temperature. You can also compute the curie constant or magnetic field or temperature using this calculator. Just enter curie constant, temperature, magnetic field and hit the calculate button to avail magnetization value within a short span of time.

Magnetic feild B
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Steps to Compute Magnetization of Paramagnetic Substances

Go through the following sectiomns to obtain the step by step process to find the magnetization of antiferromagnetic materials. Follow these rules carefully to get the result within no time.

  • Obtain the Curie constant, magnetic field, and temperature deatils.
  • Divide the Curie's constant by the temperature
  • Multiply the result with magnetic field to get the magnetization.

Curie's Law | Curie's Constant

Curie's law states that, in a paramagnetic material of the magnetization is directly proportional to the applied magnetic field. If the material is heated, then the magnetization is inversely proportional to temperature.

Curie's law formula is along the lines:

M = C/T * B

T = B * C/M

B = M * T/C


M is the magnetization

C is the Curie constant

T is the temperature

B is the external magnetic field

Curie constant is used in curie's law. The Si unit of curie constant is (K * A)/(T * m). The magnetic moment ╬╝╬╕ is the characteristic number that describes the magnetic property of a particle.

The curie constant formula is C = M * T/B.


Question: If a paramagnetic material is placed at a temperature of 20┬░C, the external magnetic field applied is 2 T and the curie constant is 1.4 K * A/(T * m). Find the magnetization of that material?


Given that

Temperature T = 20┬░C = 293.15 K

Magnetic field B = 2 T

Curie constant C = 1.4 K * A/(T * m)

Curie law formula to find magnetization is M = C/T * B

M = 1.4/293.15 * 2

= 0.0095514

Therefore, the magnetization of the paramagnetic material is 0.0095514 A/m.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Curie's Law Calculator

1. What is meant by paramagnetic materials?

Paramagnetic materials are the materials like aluminium, platinum that are magnetized in a magnetic field and they lost magnetism when the field doesn't exist. Ferromagnetic materials retain their magnetic properties when the field is erased.

2. What is the value of Curie's constant?

Curie constant gives the susceptability of the paramagnetic material to the magnetic field. Constant depends on the strength in atoms due to magnetic momentum. Its value is C = ╬╝0/(3kB) * N/a3 * ╬╝2

3. What are the applications of Curie's Law?

Curie's law is applicable for the conditions such as not very strong magnetic fields and high temperature. The temperature where ferromagnetic material converts to the paramagnetic by the process of heating is called Curie temperature. Magnetic thermometers are used using this law.

4. What is Curie's law for paramagnetism?

The magnetization of the paramagnetic substance is inversely proportional to the temperature. this means an increase in material temperature or an increase in paramagnetism will decrease the magnetization.