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Use this easy to operate Cyclotron Frequency Calculator to get the result quickly. You just need to enter charge of the particle, magnetic field strength, mass of the particle in the specified input fields and press the calculate button to avail the cyclotron frequency as output.

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How to Calculate Cyclotron Frequency?

Make use of these simple steps to determine the cyclotron frequency of a charged particle. Follow these guiding principles to acquire the result easily.

  • Get the particle charge, mass and strength of the magnetic field.
  • Multiply the charge of the particle with the magnetic field.
  • Divide the product by double of the particle mass to find the cyclotron frequency.

What is Cyclotron? | Cyclotron Frequency Formula

A cyclotron is a device that circulates a particle accelerator. In a cyclotron, a charged particle is accelerated along the path under the action of a static magnetic field and alternating electric field. To accelerate the particles, we need to know the rate at which particles switch on the electric field. This rate is called the cyclotron frequency.

The equation of cyclotron frequency is

f = qB/(2m)


f is the cyclotron frequency

q is the charge of the particle

m is the mass of the particle

B is the strength of the magnetic field

Cyclotron Velocity:

It is the velocity of a particle that is moving in a circle with cyclotron frequency.


Question: A particle with a charge of 15 e is moving in a circle with a static magnetic field strength of 5 T and a mass of 10 u. Find the cyclotron frequency of the particle that is accelerating?


Given that

Charge of the particle q = 15 e

Mass of the particle m = 10 u

Magnetic field strength B = 5 T

Cyclotron frequency f = qB/(2m)

f = (15 x 5)/(2 x 10)

f = 75/20

= 3.75

Therefore, the cyclotron frequency is 3.75 MHz.

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FAQ's on Cyclotron Frequency Calculator

1. How to find cyclotron frequency?

The simple formula to calculate the cyclotron frequency is f = qB/2m. You have to substitute the values in the formula and simplify to obtain the cyclotron frequency value.

2. What are the uses of cyclotron?

Cyclotrons are used for nuclear physics experiments for several years. It is a particle therapy that is used to treat cancer. Ion beams from cyclotrons can be used to penetrate into the body and kill the tumours and are used in research.

3. What is a cyclotron?

In simple words, a cyclotron is a machine that accelerates charged particles or ions to high energies. The electric and magnetic fields are used in a cyclotron to increase the charged particles energy.

4. What are the limitations of cyclotron?

A cyclotron can't accelerate nuclear particles and electrons as they have a small mass. It also cannot accelerate charged particles having higher mass due to the relativistic effect.