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Find displacement easily by taking the help of online Calculator provided on this page. Displacement Calculator s = vt will provide the unknown displacement value by taking input values. Simply enter average velocity, time as inputs and click on the calculate button to obtain the accurate output as early as possible.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90

Avg Velocity

Steps to Find Displacement s = vt

Follow the simple guidelines provided below to evaluate the displacement using velocity and time parameters. You will solve the questions easily after going through these steps.

  • Get the average velocity and time from the given question.
  • If initial velocity and final velocity of the object is given, then find out the average velocity.
  • Multiply the velocity and time to obtain the shortest distance between two places.

Formula to Calculate Displacement

Displacement is defined as thre shortest distance between two places. If an object is moving with the constant velocity, then displacement is the product of velocity and time taken by the object to reach its destination. The formula to check the displacement is given below:

In case an object is moving with constant velocity, then

Displacement s = v * t

where, v is the constant velocity of the object

t is the time taken

In case object is moving with different velocities, then

Displacement s = ⊽ * t


⊽ is the average velocity

t is the time taken


Question: If David travels 1 minute at 5 m/s to the south, how much will he be displaced?


Given that,

Time t = 1 minute

Velocity = 5 m/s

Displacement formula is given as

s = v * t

Change minutes to seconds of time

t = 1 * 60 seconds = 60 seconds

Substitute the values in the formula

s = 5 * 60

= 300 m

∴ David displaced to 300 meters to the south in one minute.

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FAQs on Displacement Calculator s = vt

1. What is meant by Displacement?

Displacement is the change in position of an object with respect to time. It has both direction and magnitude. If an object is moving with constant velocity, then displacement gives the shortest distance between two points.

2. What is the displacement formula?

Displacement has two different formulas based on the condition of the moving object.

If object movies with constant velocity,

displacement s = v * t

If an object moves with constant acceleration, then

displacement s = ut + ½ at²

Where, u is thr initial velocity

v is the final velocity

t is the time taken

a is the acceleration.

3. What is the displacement example?

If a person is moving from position A to position B, then person position is changing. This change in position of a person is called the displacement.

4. What is the difference between distance and displacement?

Displacement is a vector quantity as it depends on both magnitude and direction, distance is a scalar quantity as it depends on the magnitude. Distance have only positive values and displacement can be positive, negative and zero.