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Make use of a user-friendly Electric Field Calculator to check the magnitude of an electric field created at a specific distance from a system of point charges or single point charge. You just need to select either a single charge point or system of point charges and give charge, distance details. Later hit the calculate button to avail the electric field as result in a less amount of time.




Steps to Find Magnitude of an Electric Field

These are the simple steps to find the magnitude of an electric field created at a distance from the charge point. Follow these guiding principles and get the result.

  • Obtain the values of the charge point and distance from the point.
  • Multiply the charge point by the Coulomb's constant.
  • Divide the product by the square of the distance to check the magnitude of the electric field.

Electric Field & Formula

An electric field is the volume of area that exerts a force on charges - attracts or repels. It can be created by electric charges. The unit of the electric field is newton per coulomb or volt per meter. The amount of electric field can be measured using an electrometer.

The electric field equation can be defined as

E = kQ/r²


E is the magnitude of electric field

k is the Coulomb's constant and its value is 1/(4π╔¢0) = 8.9876 x 109 N-m²/C²

Q is the charge point

r is the distance from the point


Question: What is the electric field due to a point charge of 15 μC at a distance of 2 meters away from it?


Given that

Charge point Q = 15 μC = 15 x 10-6 C

Distace from the point r = 2 m

Magnitude of an electric field at an arbitary point from the charge is E = kQ/r²

E = 8.9876 x 109 x 15 x 10-6/2²

= 134.814 x 103/4

= 33.7035 x 103 N/C

Therefore, the electric field due yo a point charge is 33.7035 x 103 N/C.

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FAQ's on Electric Field Calculator

1. How to calculate the electric field created from a charge point?

Students can substitute the values in the formula and proceed with the required math operations or use our free Electric Fied Calculator to get the magnitude electric field from a point.

2. What is the formula to find an electric field?

The electric field equation is used to analyse the electric field created by a point charge. The formula is E = kQ/r². K is the Coulomb's constant, Q is the charge point, and r is the distance.

3. What is meant by the electric field?

The electric field is the ratio of electric force to the charge and it is the region around the electrons.

4. How are electric fields used in real life?

The real-life applications of the electric field are light, x-rays, microwaves, radio waves, and others.

5. What is the difference between an electric field and a magnetic field?

The electric field creates an electric charge in the surroundings and is measured as newton per coulomb. A magnetic field creates an electric charge around moving magnets and is measured as tesla. The electric field can be measured using an electrometer while the magnetic field is measured using a magnetometer.