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Created By : Naaz Fatima

Reviewed By : Rajashekhar Valipishetty

Last Updated : Apr 10, 2023

Electrical Power Calculator is a free tool that calculates the power consumed by the electrical devices effortlessly by taking current, voltage and power factor. Just you need to provide the required details and click the calculate button to check the electrical power in a short span of time.

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Step by Step Process to Find Electrical Power

The following are the steps to compute the electrical power drained by a device. Check-out these rules and get the result.

  • Get the current, voltage and power factor.
  • Find the product of those three parameters.
  • The finla product is called the power.

Electrical Power Formula | What is Power Factor?

Electrical power is the rate at which energy is transformed into an electrical circuit. In simple words, it is the measure of the amount of energy used in a unit time. The SI unit is watt or joule per second.

The power depends on the current, voltage and power factor.

In a DC circuit, the electrical power formula is

P = I x V

In AC circuits, the formula of electric power is

P = I x V x PF

I = P/(V x PF)

V = P/(I x PF)


I is the current

V is the voltage

P is the Power

PF is the power factor

Power Factor: Power factor is the measure of the efficiency of the power used in an electrical system. The DC circuits have no power factor. In AC circuits, both voltage and current vary periodically in time. It tells how synchronized is current with the voltage. If they are synchronized, then the power factor is 1. Otherwise, it is less than 1.


Question: If the current and voltage of an electric circuit are 3.5 A and 12 V respectively. Calculate the electrical power, when the power factor is 0.65.


Given that

Current I = 3.5 A

Voltage V = 12 V

Power Factor PF = 0.65

The formula of Electrical Power is P = I x V x PF

P = 3.5 x 12 x 0.65

= 27.3

Therefore, the electrical power consumed in the circuit is 27.3 Watts.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Electrical Power Calculator

   1. How to calculate electrical power?


The formula to calculate the electrical power is P = I x V x PF. Here PF stands for power factor, I is the current and V is the voltage. You have to substitute the observed data in the formula and perform multiplication to get the electrical power value easily.

2. What is the power factor?

Power factor is the measure of how effectively incoming power is used in a circuit. The high PF means the power supplied to the system is used effectively. It tells how synchronized is current with the voltage.

3. Define electric power?

Electric power is the rate of electrical energy transfer by a circuit per unit of time. Its SI unit is the watt.

4. What are the types of electrical power?

The three important types of electric power are active power, apparent power and reactive power. Active power is the real power that is used in devices. Apparent power is that is not used very often and reactive power is developed within the circuit reactance.