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This Force Calculator tool gives the force acting on a body in less amount of time. Just provide mass of the object and acceleration as inputs in the respective fields of the calculator and tap on the calculate button. Then you will navigate to the output screen where you will find the lengthy procedure for your question with accurate answer.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90


Steps to Calculate Amount of Force Acting on a Body

Force is defined as the relationship generated between two objects when one object pulls or pushes other in certain direction. The following are the some guidelines and instructions that are helpful to solve the questions on force in physics. Go through those steps and follow them.

  • Let us consider mass and acceleration of an object when it is moving in one direction.
  • Multiply those two parameters.
  • The value obtained after performing multiplication operation is called force acting on that particular body.


Question: A 12 kg box starts at rest and reaches a velocity of 3.45 m/s after traveling a distance 12 m. What was the force on the box?


Given that,

Mass of the box m = 12 kg

Final velocity v = 3.45 m/s

Distance s = 12 m

As the box start from rest initial velocity u = 0

We have initial velocity, final velocity, time and distance. Using these parameter we can find acceleration using the formula

v² = u² + 2 a s

Substitute all the values in the above formula

3.45² = 0² + 2 * a * 12

11.9 = 24 a

a = 11.9 / 24

acceleration a = 0.496 m/s²

According to the newtons second law

Force F = m * a

= 12 * 0.496

= 5.95 N

∴ Force on the box is 5.95 N.

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FAQs on Force Calculator

1. How do I calculate force?

Force is defined as the interaction between two or more objects which is helpful to push or pull the object in certain direction. If there is an interaction between two or more objects, then there must be force acting on those objects. As per the newton's second law force is defined as the product of mass and acceleration. Force is represented with the symbol F and its unit is Newton N.

2. Jerry pushes a 3.2 kg box with 1.5 N of force. What is the resultant acceleration?

Force = 1.5 N, Mass m = 3.2 kg

F = m * a

1.5 = 3.2 * a

a = 1.5 / 3.2

= 0.47

Acceleration is 0.47 m / s².

3. What is the force formula?

The mathematical representation of force is the product of weight of the object and acceleration of the object. According to the newton's second law force formula is given as follows:

F = m * a


F is the force acting on a body

m is the mass or weight of the object

a is the acceleration of the object

4. What are the different types of forces?

The different types of forces in physics are strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, gravitational force and electromagnetic force.