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Our online handy Friction Calculator tool is designed to produce the force of friction quickly. The only one thing you need to do is just give friction coefficient (μ), Normal Force (N) as inputs and obtain the friction as result as early as possible after pressing the calculate button.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90

Friction coefficient (μ)
Normal force

How to Find Force of Fiction?

Fiction is a kind of force which opposes the movement between two objects that are in contact. Here, we are providing the simple and easy steps to solve the fiction by using the normal force. Have a look at the following sections and go through them to get the exact answer.

  • Let us take the coefficient of friction and normal force.
  • The formula to compute the Force of friction F = μ*N
  • where, N is the normal force expressed in Newtons.
  • μ is the coefficient of friction.
  • F is the force of friction expressed in Newtons.
  • Replace the μ and N values in the above formula.
  • Perform multiplication operation to get the output.


Question 1: A block weighing 200 N is pushed along a surface. If it takes 80 N to get the block moving and 40 N to keep the block moving at a constant velocity, what are the coefficients of friction μs and μk?


For the coefficient of static friction, we need to know the force needed to get the block moving. In the above case, 80 N.

Ff = μsN

N is equal to the weight of the block.

So, N = 200 N.

Substitute the above values in the formula.

80 N = μs . 200 N

μs = 0.4

For the coefficient of kinetic friction, the force need to maintain the constant velocity was 40 N.

Formula is Ff = μkN

40 N = μk. 200 N

μk = 0.2

The two coefficients of friction are μk = 0.2, μs = 0.4.

Question 2: Find Friction force when the coefficient of friction is 0.3 and and normal force is 250 N?


Given values are

Normal Force N = 250 N

Coefficient of friction μ = 0.3

Friction force formula is F = μ*N

F = 0.3 * 250

= 75 N

Friction force is 75 Newtons.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Friction Calculator

1. What are the different types of friction?

The friction is classified into 4 different types such as

1. Static Friction

2. Sliding Friction

3. Fluid Friction

4. Rolling Friction

Among all these types, sliding, static, and rolling friction takes place between two solid surfaces. The fluid friction takes place in liquid and gaseous states. Friction is considered as a resistance force. So, it helps to hold items and prevents sliding the objects in many applications.

2. How do you calculate static friction?

The static friction force is calculated by taking the coefficient of friction between two surfaces and multiplying it with the normal force that the surface is applying to the object. On a flat surface, the normal force is equal to the force of gravity acting down on the object.

3. What are 5 examples of static friction?

The five best examples of static friction are papers on a tabletop, a towel hanging on a rack, a bookmark in a book, car parked on a hill.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of friction?

The advantages of friction are:

  • Friction enables us to walk freely.
  • Objects can be piled up without slipping.
  • It becomes possible to transfer one form of energy to another.

The disadvantages of friction are:

  • It causes wear and tear of machines.
  • It decreases the life of expectancy of moving parts of vehicles.
  • It always resists the motion, so extra energy is required to overcome it.

5. What is the difference between static and kinetic friction?

The static friction force keeps a stationary object at rest, while kinetic friction slows down a moving object.