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Gay-Lussac's Law Calculator is an user-friendly tool that needs initial parameters & final parameters to find the unknown value quickly. This calculator tool provides the output easily and gives the useful information about basic gas parameters during an isochoric transition.

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How to Find Pressure or Temperature?

Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to get the unknown parameters of Gay-Lussac's Law in fraction of seconds.

  • Get initial temperature, initial pressure and final temperature
  • Multiply initial pressure, final temperature
  • Divide the product by final temperature to get the final pressure value.

Gay-Lussac's Law Definition

Gay Lussac’s law describes the relationship between the temperature and pressure of a gas when the amount of gas in a closed container is constant. It is also called as the pressure law.

Using the Gay Lussac’s law definition its formula can be written as

P1T2 = P2T1


P1 is the initial pressure of gas

P2 is the final pressure of gas

T1 is the initial temperature of gas

T2 is the final temperature of the gas.

Gay LussacΓÇÖs law


Question: The pressure of a gas in a cylinder when it is heated to a temperature of 450 K is 3.5 atm. What was the initial temperature of the gas if its initial pressure was 1.5 atm.


Given that

Initial pressure P1 = 1.5 atm

Final pressure P2 = 3.5 atm

Gay-Lussac's Law Calculator

Final temperature T2 = 450 K

As per Gay-Lussac’s Law, P1T2 = P2T1

T1 = (P1T2)/P2

= (1.5 * 450)/3.5

= 675/3.5

= 192.85

Therefore, Initial temperature of gas in the cylinder = 192.85 K.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Gay-Lussac's Law Calculator

1. What is Gay-Lussac’s Law?

Gay-Lussac’s Law states that the pressure used by a gas proportional to the temperature of the gas when the mass is fixed and volume is constabt.

2. What are the applications of Gay-Lussac’s Law?

Gay-Lussac’s Law really works in our daily life. Those are tire pressure in various season, putting a hot pan into the cold water, lid on a saucepan.

3. What is Gay-Lussac’s Law Equation?

The Gay-Lussac’s Law equation at two different conitions is PΓéü/TΓéü = PΓéé/TΓéé. Where, PΓéü, PΓéé are initial and final pressure, TΓéü, TΓéé are initial and final temperature.

4. At a temperature of 250 K, the pressure of the gas in a deodrant is 2 atm. Find the pressure of the gas when it heated to 1000 K?

Given that,

Initial pressure P1 = 2 atm

Initial temperature T1 = 250 K

Final temperature T2 = 1000 k

The Gay-Lussac’s Law formula to calculate the final pressure is P2 = (P1T2)/T1

= (2 * 1000)/250 = 2000/250 = 8