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Gravitational Force Calculator is a free online tool that provides the force between any two objects just like that. Enter the inputs and hit the calculate button to avail outputs in a matter of seconds.

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Gravitational Force Definition

According to Newtons Law of Gravitation every body that has a certain mass will attract any other bodies existing in the universe and this phenomenon is known as Gravity. Gravitational Force is a force that attracts any two objects having mass. Gravitational Force is also known as Attractive Force as it always attracts the masses of two objects together.

Gravitational Force Formula

You can use the following gravitational force formula to find out Gravitational Force between any two objects i.e.

F = GMm/R²

Where, F is the Gravitational Force and its units are Newtons

G is the Gravitational Constant and is ideally equl to 6.674×10-11 N·m²/kg²

M and m are the masses of objects

R is the distance between center of two objects

How to Solve Gravitational Force Problems?

Follow the simple steps and learn how to find out gravitational force easily. They are as such

  • Firstly, determine the mass of objects both M, m.
  • Then, find the distance between center of two objects.
  • Since we know the value of Gravitational Constant, substitute all the known parameters in the formula F = GMm/R²
  • Simplify the equation and then calculate the Gravitational Force.


Example of Gravitational Force

Calculate Force of Gravity acting on a bodies having masses 15000 Kg and 850 Kg, distance between centre of bodies is 2500m?


Given that

Mass of first body(M) = 1500 kg

Mass of second body(m) = 850kg

Distance(R)=2500 m

We know the formula to find Gravitational Force F = GMm/R²

Substituting the inputs in the above formula we have the equation as such

F = 6.674×10-11*1500*850/25002

Simplifying further we get the Gravitational Force F = 0.000000000136156 N

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FAQs on Gravitational Force Calculator

1. What is Gravitational Force?

Gravitational Force is a kind of force that attracts any two objects having mass.

2. What is the formula for Gravitational Force?

The Formula for Gravitational Force is given by F = GMm/R²

3. How to find the Gravitational Force?

Gravitational Force can be found by multiplying gravitational constant with mass of first object and second object and then dividing the result with square of distance between two bodies.