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Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator is a free online tool that displays the output provided any two inputs for a horizontally launched object in the blink of an eye.

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What is meant by Horizontal Prjectile Motion?

If a Particle is thrown obliquely towards the earth's surface then it moves under constant velocity and is directed towards the centre of earth. Such Motion of the Particle is known as Horizontal Projectile Motion.

Horizontal Projectile Motion Equations

Horizontal Projectile Motion Equations are a special case and have general formulas. We need not mention the angle of launch as it is parallel to ground. Thus there exists only one component of initial velocity - Vx = V, and Vy =0.

Consider the starting point is at origin then the equations of motion are listed as below

Horizontal Distance Formula Projectile Motion

Horizontal Distance is given by x = V * t

Vertical Distance from the ground is given by y = ΓÇô g * t┬▓ / 2 where g is the gravity acceleration and h is the elevation.


Horizontal Velocity is given by V

Vertical Velocity is expressed as ΓÇôg * t


Horizontal Acceleration = 0

Vertical Acceleration = -g as only gravity acts on the projectile.

Horizontal Projectile Motion Equations are as follows

Equation of Trajectory

Horizontal Displacement caused due to Projectile Motion is given by x = V * t and y = ΓÇô g * t┬▓ / 2

Combining the equations we can eliminate the term t then Trajectory Equation is as under y = ΓÇô g * (x / V)┬▓ / 2 = (- g * x┬▓) / (2 * V┬▓)

How to find Time of Flight in Horizontal Projectile Motion?

In order to determine the time of flight in projectile motion we need to calculate when the projectile hits the ground. It is possible when y coordinate is equal to h h: g * t² / 2 = h. We can find the time of flight as t = √(2 * h / g)

Horizontal Range of the Projectile

Range of Projectile is nothing but the total horizontal distance traveled in the flight time. Equation can be written as follows

r = V * t = v * √(2 * h / g)

In all these calculations air resistance is neglected and thus the sum of kinetic and potential energies is conserved.

How to Solve Horizontal Projectile Motion Problems?

Follow the simple guidelines provided over here to find out different parameters in projectile motion such as time of flight, range, equation of trajectory, etc. They are as such

  • Firstly, determine the values given in the question.
  • Then, according to the inputs known check for a relevant formula.
  • Substitute the inputs and frame an equation and solve for the unknown value.


Determine the Time of Flight of a Projectile if a body is thrown from a height of 15m?


Given Initial Height = 15m

We know the formula for Time of Flight is t = √(2 * h / g)

In general g = 9.8 m/sec

Substituting the input values we have the equation for time of flight as t =√(2*15/9.8)

Simplifying further we get the value of time of flight as t = 1.75 sec

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FAQs on Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator

1. What is meant by Horizontal Projectile Motion?

If a Particle is thrown nearer to the earth's surface then it moves under constant velocity along a curved path that is directed towards center of earth. Such motion of the particle is known as Horizontal Projectile Motion.

2. What is the formula for horizontal range?

Formula for Horizontal Projectile Motion Range is given by r = V*t.

3. Write down the list of Horizontal Projectile Motion Equations?

List of Horizontal Projectile Motion Equations are as follows Range r = V*t Time of Fight t = √(2 * h / g) Equation of Trajectory y = – g * (x / V)² / 2 = (- g * x²) / (2 * V²)

4. How to use Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator?

All you need to do is enter any two values as per the inputs and click on the calculate button to get the concerned output in no time using Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator.