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Utilise Hubble Law Distance Calculator to get the distance to the galaxy in a fraction of seconds. Give speed of the galaxy in the provided input field of the calculator and click the calculate button to obtain the result easily.

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Step by Step Process to Calculate Hubble Distance

The following are the steps to calulate the distance between earth and the galaxy with the help of Hubble's law.

  • Get the speed of the galaxy.
  • Divide the speed value by the Hubble constant.
  • The result is the distance to the galaxy.

What is Hubble's Law?

Astronomers first saw that galaxies are moving away from us. One astronomer named Edwin Hubble and George Lemaitre says that the speed they are moving is directly proportional to the distance between them.

Hubble's law states that the galaxies in the universe move away from us faster and farther than they are from us. And it was proportional to the Hubble constant. Its formula is

v = Ho D

D = v/Ho


v is the speed of the galaxy

Ho is the Hubble constant and value is 70.4 km/s per million-light-years

D is the distance to the galaxy

After finding the shift in observed light into redshift in the spectrum, one can calculate the distance of the galaxy from us using Hubble's equation. The limitations of Hubble's law are in the intrinsic motion of galaxies, the observed velocity will get influenced and the galaxy is orbiting due to the gravitational movement.


Question: For some cluster, velocity measured as v = 103 km/s. What is the distance?


Given that

Speed of the galaxy v = 103sup> km/s

Distance D = v/Ho

D = 1000/70.4

= 14.22 MPC

Therefore, the distance is 14.22 mega parsecs

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hubble's Law Distance Calculator

1. What is Hubble's distance?

Hubble's distance is the distance to the galaxy or it is the distance of an object based on the Hubble flow.

2. How to calculate distance using Hubble's law?

The simple formula to calculate the distance to the galaxy using Hubble's law is D = v/Ho. Solve the equation after substituting the values to get the distance value.

3. What is Hubble's law formula?

Hubble's law states that the velocity of the galaxy that is known as the redshift is directly proportional to the distance. It's formula is v = Hod.

4. How to use the Hubble law distance calculator?

Just you need to provide the wither speed or distance details in Hubble's law distance calculator to get the result.

5. What is the Hubble constant?

Hubble constant is used to describe the expansion of the universe. Its value is H = 70.4 km/s per million-light-years.