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Hydrogen Energy Levels Calculator

Free Hydrogen Energy Level Calculator computes the energy level of hydrogen or other similar atoms or ions by taking the atom atomic number and energy details. Enter inputs in our calculator and hit the calculate button to check the result as early as possible.

Hydrogen Energy Levels Calculator: Obtaining the energy level of an atom is not difficult anymore with this handy calculator. You have to enter the energy and atomic numbers details to avail the exact energy level in a short span of time. Along with the accurate result, it also provides the steps to solve the problems. Get the more useful information about the concept in the following sections.

Steps to Find Hydrogen Energy Levels

Go through the simple guidelines on how to get the energy levels of hydrogen atoms.

  • Get the hydrogen atom energy and atomic number.
  • Substitute these two value, light speed and alpha value in the formula.
  • Multiply and divide the numbers to get the energy levels of an atom.

Hydrogen Energy Levels

The hydrogen atom has an electron and a proton. The proton has a positive charge and the electron has a negative charge. So, there will be an attractive force between these two called the Coulomb force. The electron energy generates by balancing the attractive force and centrifugal force. The law's of quantum mechanics states that the energy of electron can take only certain values. The values of this energy is caled the energy levels.

The energy of an electron in an atom is given by

E = -mc² alpha² Z²/(2n²)

n = √[-mc² alpha² Z²/(2E)]


E is the energy of the atom

n is the energy level of the atom

m is the mass of the electron

c is the speed of the light

alpha = 1/137 is the structure constant

Z is the atomic number


Question: How much energy is generated for the hydrogen having energy level 1.


Given that

Energy level = 1 Atomic number of hydrogen = 1

Energy E = -mc² alpha² Z²/(2n²)

E = -1.0084 x 299² x 1/137² x 1²/(2 x 1²)

= 1.0084 x 299² x 1/137² x 1/2

= -13.613 eV

The energy of the hydrogen is -13.613 eV.

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FAQ's on Hydrogen Energy Levels Calculator

1. What is meant by hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen energy makes use of the hydrogen or hydrogen containing compounds to generate energy that is to be supplied to all practical uses with higher efficiency and social benefits.

2. What are the interesting facts about hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and the most common element in the universe has 75% of its mass. It is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. It is used in various man-made products.

3. What is the energy level formula?

The energy of electrons in an element formula is E = -mc² alpha² Z²/(2n²). Here m is the electron mass, c is the speed of the light, z is the element atomic number, alpha is 1/137 and n is the energy level.

4. How to find ionization energy of hydrogen?

The ionization energy is the energy used to split electrons from the atom. The minimum energy required to separate the electron from the proton is the difference between the energy when the electron is free and the electron energy level.

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