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Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator

Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator is an online tool that determines the pressure that arises at a certain depth of liquid. Enter the inputs in the allotted input sections and evaluate the hydrostatic pressure in a fraction of seconds.

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Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator: Do you want to determine the pressue exerted by a fluid at a certain point of time due to gravity? Then, take the help of the Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator overe here and make your calculations much simple. You just need to specify the inputs such as density of the fluid, depth, etc. to find out the Hydrostatic Pressure in no time. Read on to learn about the Hydrostatic Pressure Definition, Formula, Derivation, Steps on how to find the hydrostatic pressure, fluid pressure using the hydrostatic pressure equation.

What is Hydrostatic Pressure?

Hydrostatic Pressure is defined as the Pressure exterted by a fluid at equilibrium at a certain point of time due to gravitational force. Hydrostatic Pressure is directly proportional to the depth measured from the surface as the fluid weight increases when a downward force is applied.

Fluid Pressure: Every liquid particle is subjected to gravitational force and is directed towards the Earth. The deeper we are there will be more such particles above us and greater the fluid pressure is. If the fluid is at rest we say it as Hydrostatic Pressure and is independent of size, shape of tank, and depends on depth.

Hydrostatic Pressure Formula

Hydrostatic Pressure Formula is given by the equation p = ρ * g * h + p0

  • Where p is the hydrostatic pressure
  • ρ is the fluid density of liquid
  • g is the gravitational acceleration and its value on earth is 9.80655 m/s²
  • h is the depth
  • p0 is the external pressure and is usually atmospheric pressure.

Hydrostatic Pressure Derivation

Consider a column of water having a volume V and Surface Base Area A

Weight of Water W = mg

Mass of Water is nothing but the density of water and volume X then W = ρVg

Volume is the product of surface area and height and is given by the expression V = Ah

Thus Weight W becomes W = ρAhg

Using the formula of pressure we get the equation as follows

p = (F/A)ρ

p = ρAhg/A

p = ρhg


What is the pressure acting on the fluid if the density of the fluid is 1000 kg/m³ at a depth of 3m?


Given that

Given Density of Fluid = 1000 kg/m³

Depth = 3m

Formula to calculate the hydrostatic pressure is given by p = ρ * g * h + p0

Substituting the input paramters we will have the expression as follows

p = 1000*9*9.80655*3+1

p = 1.2903 atm

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator

1. What is meant by Hydrostatic Pressure?

Hydrostatic Pressure is the Pressure exerted by a fluid at rest due to force of gravity.

2. What is the Hydrostatic Pressure Equation?

Hydrostatic Pressure Equation is given by p = ρ * g * h + p0

3. What is ρ in the Hydrostatic Pressure Formula?

ρ is the density of fluid in the Hydrostatic Pressure Formula.

4. What is Fluid Pressure?

The Pressure at a point within a fluid arising due to weight of the fluid is known as fluid pressure.

Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator