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Inductor Energy Storage Calculator

Take the help of the Inductor Energy Storage Calculator and get the amount of energy stored in an inductor when the current flowing through it. Just enter inductance and current values and click the calculate button to check the quick results.

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Inductor Energy Storage Calculator: Do you want to calculate the energy stored in the inductor? Here is the best tool that performs the required calculations and produces the answer in less amount of time. Along with the free Inductor Energy Storage Calculator, you can obtain the simple steps to get the stored energy in the following sections. Also, check the solved example questions.

How to Calculate Stored Energy?

Below provided are the steps to calculate the stored energy in an inductor. Follow the guiding principles to get the result.

  • Get inductance, current from the question.
  • Square the current value and multiply it with the inductance.
  • Find the half of the product to check the stored energy.

What is the Energy Stored in an Inductor?

Solenoids have the ability to generate magnetic fields. When a solenoid creates a magnetic field is called the inductance. The amount of energy stored in an inductor is provided here.

The magnetic energy stored in a coil formulas is

E = 1/2 x L x I2

I = √(2E/L)

L = 2E/I2


E is the energy stored in the inductor

I is the current flowing through the wire

L is the inductance of the solenoid


Question: The inductance of a solenoid is 15 H and the current flowing through it is 12 A. Find the energy stored in the inductance


Given that

Inductance L = 15 H

Current I = 12 A

Energy stored in the inductor is E = 1/2 x L x I2

E = 0.5 x 15 x 122

= 1080

Therefore, the energy stored in an inductor is 1080 J.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Inductor Energy Storage Calculator

1. What is the magnetic energy stored in a coil formula?

The magnetic energy stored in a coil formula is E = 1/2 x L x I². Where I is the current flowing through the wire, L is the solenoid of inductance and E is the magnetic energy.

2. What is an inductor?

An inductor is defined as the passive component that is used in most electrical circuits to store energy in the form of magnetic energy when current flows through it.

3. What are the applications of inductors?

The applications of inductors are filters, chokes, transformers, sensors, tuning circuits, ferrite beads, and inductors as relays.

4. How to use the inductor energy storage calculator?

Give the details such as inductance, current in the calculator input fields and hit the calculate button to get the stored energy in the output.

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