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Looking for a tool to find Joule heating easily? Make use of our Joule Heating Calculator tool and acquire the result quickly. You have to enter the current flow, resistance and time of the current flow in the fields and press the calculate button to avail joule heating value effortlessly.

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How to Calculate Joule Heating?

The simple steps to compute the heat produced by flowing current through a conductor are along the lines.

  • Find the electric resistance in a conductor, time, and electric current.
  • Sqaure the electric current and multiply it with the product of time and resistance.
  • The obtained value is called the joule heating.

Joule Heating Formula

Joule's law of heating is a description of the rate at which resistance in a circuit converts electric energy into heat energy.

Joule's first law represents the relationship between the heat caused by electric current flowing through a resistance.

The Joule heating formula is provided below:

Q = I²Rt


Q is the amount of heat

I is the electric current

t is the time

The amount of heat generated is proportional to the wire's electrical resistance when the current flow in the circuit and the current flow not changed, it is proportional to the square of the current flow through the circuit when the current supply and electrical resistance is constant and it is proportional to the time of flow.


Question: An heater of resistance 500 Ω is connected to the main supply for 20 min. If the 12 A current flow through the filament of the heater then what is the heat produced in the heater?


Given that

Current flow I = 12 A

Resistance R = 500 Ω

Time t = 20 min

The amount of heat produced by heater is Q = I²Rt

Q = 12² x 500 x 20 x 60

= 144 x 600000

= 86400000

= 84.6 MJ

Therefore, the amount of heat generated in the heater is 84.6 MJ.

Try to solve the jolue heating questions manually using the above simple steps. Otherwise utilize calcultor provided at Physicscalc.Com and get the result within no time.

FAQ's on Joule Heating Calculator

1. What is meant by joule heating?

Joule heating is an physical effect when an electric current flows through a circuit, it increases the conductor internal energy and also rise the collision of electrons with atoms of the conductor that results in heat generation.

2. What are the applications of joule heating?

Joule heating of materials is used in various applications at transportation, home and industry products. They are incandescent light bulbs, resistance stoves, car windshield heating, coffee maker, induction heating, and so on.

3. How to calculate Joule Heating with the calculator?

Provide the current flow, resistance and time of the current flow details in the specified input fields of the Joule Heating Calculator. Tap on the calculate button to check the amount of generated heat in a fraction of seconds with detailed steps.

4. What is the formula of joule heating effect?

The joule heating formula is used to calculate the heat generated in the current-carrying cable. The equation is Q = I²Rt. Here, I is the current, Q is the heat, t is the current flow time and R is the resistance.