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Latent Heat Calculator is a handy online tool that computes the latent heat in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is enter the mass of the object as well as the specific heat of the object to get the latent heat explained step by step.

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Latent Heat Definition & Meaning

Latent Heat is defined as the amount of heat or energy absorbed or released during a phase change of substance. It can be from liquid to gas or from solid to liquid and vice versa. However, one important thing to be considered regarding the Latent Heat is that the temperature remains constant.

Latent Heat Formula

During the Calculation of Latent Heat a formula can be quite handy and makes your job much simple. Latent Heat Formula is Q = m * L

  • Where m is the mass of the body and its units are kg.
  • L is the Latent Specific Heat and expressed in units kJ/kg
  • Q is the heat absorbed or released based on the direction of transition and its units are kJ

How to Calculate Latent Heat?

Go through the simple measures provided below to determine the latent heat. They are as such

  • Initially, find the the mass of a substance.
  • Next, determine the specific latent heat.
  • Substitute the input parameters in the formula of Latent Heat i.e. Q = m * L
  • Simplify the equation further and evaluate the latent heat easily.


Calculate the latent heat of a 15 kg substance if the amount of heat for transition is 450Kcal.


Given that

Mass of the Substance m = 15kg

Amount of heat for Transition Q = 450Kcal

We know the formula for Latent Heat is Q = m*L

Interchanging the above equation to get the Latent Heat we have the equation L = Q/m

Substituting the input parameters in the above formula we get L = 450/15 = 30KCal/kg

Therfore, the amount of latent heat needed for transition is 30 Kcal/Kg.

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FAQs on Latent Heat Calculator

1. What is meant by Latent Heat?

Latent Heat is the total energy needed to change the Physical State(Phase) of a Substance that occurs without changing its temperature.

2. What are the Types of Latent Heat?

Latent Heat is classified into three types and they are namely Latent Heat of Fusion, Latent Heat of Vaporization, Latent Heat of Sublimation.

3. What is the Latent Heat Formula?

The Formula to Compute the Latent Heat is given by Q = m * L.

4. What are the Units of Latent Heat?

Latent Heat is normally expressed in the units joules or calories per mole.