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Lorentz Force Calculator assists you in finding the lorentz force on entering the inputs particle charge, magnetic field, particle velocity. Make your calculations regarding the lorentz force equation much simpler using this handy tool.

Magnetic feild B
Charge q
Velocity V

What is Lorentz Force?

Lorentz Force is defined as the combination of electric and magnetic force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields. It states that magnetic field exerts a force on moving charged particle. However, the value of lorentz force depends on the strength of magnetic field, charge, velocity. One special thing about this the direction of force is neither in the particle motion nor in the magnetic field direction. Direction of Lorentz Force is Perpendicular to both particle direction and magnetic field.

Lorentz Force Equation

Lorentz Force Formula is expressed as F = q v B sin(╬▒)

  • Where F is the resulting force
  • v is the particle's velocity
  • B is the magnetic field strength
  • ╬▒ is the angle between direction of particle's trajectory and direction of magnetic field
  • q is the particle charge

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How to Calculate Lorentz Force?

Follow the simple guidelines over here to determine the lorentz force. They are along the lines

  • Firstly, determine the particle charge, particle velocity, strength of magnetic field, angle
  • Substitute all these inputs in the formula of lorentz force i.e. F = q v B sin(╬▒)
  • Simplify the equation further and solve for the lorentz force easily.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lorentz Force Calculator

1. What is Lorentz Force Explain?

Lorentz Force is a total force i.e. combination ofm magnetic and electric force acting on a Charged Particle due to Magnetic Field.

2. What is the Direction of Lorentz Force?

Lorentz Force Direction is perpendicular to the direction of charge and magnetic field.

3. What are the Applications of Lorentz Force?

Lorentz Force finds its applications in several areas. It is used to accelerate particles in cyclotrons, in mass soectrometers, electric motors, loudspeakers, railguns, etc.

4. Write the Lorentz Force Formula?

Lorentz Force Formula is given by the equation F = q v B sin(╬▒).