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Lumens, lux and candelas are the commonly used units for measuring light. Lumen Calculator converts lumen to candela and lux to lumen units effortlessly and fastly. Students have to provide lighting values in lumen and lux and tap the calculate button to avail the units in candela and surface area with a detailed explanation.

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Steps to Covert Lumen to Lux to Candela

Have a look at the detailed steps to calculate lumen from lux and candela units. Follow the below-mentioned rules and guidelines to get the answer.

  • Get the candela units of light.
  • Multiply the candela units by Ω or 2π[1 - cos(θ/2)]
  • Divide the lumnens by the area to get the lux units.

What are lumens, lux, and candelas?

Lumnes, candelas, and lux are the different measuring units of light.

Lumens: This is the unit of yhe luminous flux. Simply, lumen is the total amount of light emitted by the source.

Lux: It is a measure of the illumination of the surface. In simple words, lux is the amount of light received by the surface.

Candelas: It is the SI unit of luminous intensity. It is the amount of light emitted from a source in a particular direction.

The formulas to calculate lumens from the candelas are along the lines:

lumens = candelas * Ω

If a light source emits light uniformly in all directions, then Ω = 4π.

Otherwise Ω = 2π * [1 - cos(θ/2)]

So, lumners = candelas * 2π * [1 - cos(θ/2)]

The formulas to find candelas from lumens are mentioned-below:

candelas = lumens/Ω, Ω = 4π (or)

candelas = lumens/(2π[1 - cos(θ/2)])

The formulas to find lux from lumen are

lux = lumens/area

lumen = lux * area

1 footcandle = 10.764 lux

The formulas to find lux from candela

lux = candela/distance²


Question: If the luminous flex in lumens is 356 lm with an apex angle of 56°, determine the luminous intensity in candela.


Given that

lumens = 356 lm

apex angle = 56°

The formula to calculate the candelas is candelas = lumens/(2π[1 - cos(θ/2)])

Candelas = 356/(2π[1 - cos(56°/2)])

= 356/(2π[1 - cos(28°)])

= 356/(2π[1 - 0.88295])

= 356/(2π(0.11705))

= 356/0.735

= 484.05

Therefore, the luminous intensityin candela is 484.05

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FAQ's on Lumen Calculator (Lumen to Lux to Candela)

1. Can you convert Lux to Candela?

Yes, you can convert lux to candela. You need to know the lux and distance to convert to the candela. The formula is candela = lux * distance².

2. What is the difference between lux, lumen and candela?


Candela is related to the lux and lumen units. 1 candela is equal to 1 lumen per steradian. When a beam with a strength of 1 lumen falls on a surface area of 1 sq m, this is an illuminance of 1 lux. So, 1 lux is equal to 1 lumen per square meter. The symbol to represent lux is lx, candela is cd, and lumen is lm.


3. Is lux better than lumens?

Lux is the amount of light that is cast on a surface called the illuminance. Lumen is also the measuring unit of light. One lux is equal to lumen per square meter. It means lux gives the more amount of light. So, lux is better than lumens.

4. How to convert lumens to lux or candelas immediately?

For instant conversion of light units, all you need to do is use our free Lumen Calculator and change the paramerts in less amount of time.