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Magnetic Permeability Calculator is a free tool that defines the magnetic permeability and susceptibility of material easily. Simply you need to select either material or enter permeability in the provided input field and press the calculate button to find relative permeability and magnetic susceptibility values as output within seconds.

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How to Measure Magnetic Permeability?

Check out the step by step process on how to measure the magnetic permeability, susceptibility and follow them to obtain the result.

  • Get the permeability of the substance.
  • Divide the permeability by the permeability of the free space constant to find the relative permeability.
  • Subtract 1 from the relative permeability to check susceptibility.

Magnetic Permeability and Susceptibility

Permeability is defined as the magnetic field produced by the material that arises in response to an applied magnetic field. Magnetic permeability is denoted by µ. Materials are divided into three types they are diamagnetic materials, paramagnetic materials, and ferromagnetic materials.

The magnetic field is defined as the product of permeability and magnetic field from the outside of the material.

B = µ * H

µ = B/H

B = µΓéÇ * (H + M)

Magnetization M = χ * H


M is the magnetization which is the magnetic field created by the material

H is the magnetic field from the outside of the material

B is the total magnetic field inside the material

χ is the magnetic susceptibility

µ is the permeability

µΓéÇ = 4π x 10-7 H/m is the magnetic permeability of free space.

Relative permeability is the ratio of permeability of the substance to the permeability of free space.

µr = µ/µo

The relation between magnetic permeability and susceptibility is given here:

χ = µ/µo - 1 = µr - 1


A material that has exactly zero permeability and electrical resistance is called the superconductor. The physical properties of materials change when it is cooled below the characteristic critical temperature.


Question: If the magnetic permeability of a substance is 750 µH/m, find the relative permeability and susceptibility?


Given that

Magnetic permeability of a substance µ = 750 µH/m

Relative permeability µr = µ/µo

= 750/4π x 10-7

= 596.8

Magnetic susceptibility χ = µr - 1

= 596.8 - 1

= 595.8

Therefore, relative permeability of the substance is 596.8 and susceptibility is 595.8.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Magnetic Permeability Calculator

1. What is magnetic permeability?

Magnetic permeability is the ratio of magnetic induction to magnetic intensity. It is used to measure the material's resistance to the magnetic field or measure the degree to which a magnetic field can penetrate through a material.

2. What is the value of magnetic permeability?

The magnetic permeability of free space is a physical constant that is used in electromagnetism. Its value is 4π x 10-7 N/A².

3. What is the unit of magnetic permeability?

The unit of magnetic permeability is H/m (Henries per meter) and it can also be represented as newton per ampere square.

4. What are the factors that affect magnetic permeability?

The factors affecting magnetic permeability are humidity, nature of the material, temperature, position in the material, magnetic field and frequency of the applied force.

5. What is the relation between permeability and magnetic susceptibility?

The relation between magnetic susceptibility and permeability is represented as Xm = μr - 1. The ratio of permeability of a particular fluid at saturation to that of permeability of fluid at total saturation is called relative permeability.