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Parallel Capacitor Calculator is a free online tool that computes the total capacitance in a circuit by entering the inputs capacitance value of each capacitor. Make your calculations easily and obtain the resultant capacitance easily.

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Steps to Calculate Capacitance in Circuit

Follow the simple guidelines provided below to find total capacitance of parallel capacitors. They are as such

Below mentioned are the simple steps to find the acceleration. Follow these guiding principles and get the result for your numbers in a less amount of time. Steps are along the lines.

  • Find the capacitance of all parallel capacitors in the circuit.
  • Add the capacitance's of all parallel capacitors to get the resulting capacitance.

How to add Capacitors in Parallel?

A capacitor is an electronic device that stores electric charges. Capacitors can be arranged in both series and parallel.

When capacitors are arranged in parallel with a voltage source, then the voltage over each element is the same and is equal to the source capacitor.

VΓéü = VΓéé = ... = V

The formula for charge stored in a capacitor is

along the lines:


Q = V * C

Parallel Capacitors

The overall charge of capacitors Q = QΓéü + QΓéé + ...

V * C = V * CΓéü + V * CΓéé + ...

The total capacitance of capacitors connected in parallel is

C = CΓéü + CΓéé + ....


Question: If capacitors are connected in parallel and their capacitance is 14 F, 12 F, 42 F, 36 F, and 75 F. Find the resulting capacitance?


Given that

C1 = 14 F, C2 = 12 F, C3 = 42 F, C4 = 36 F, C5 = 75 F

Total capacitance C = CΓéü + CΓéé + C3 + C4 + C5

C = 14 + 12 + 42 + 36 + 75

= 179

Therefore, the total capacitance is 179 F.

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FAQs on Parallel Capacitor Calculator

1. What is a capacitor?

The capacitor is an electric device that can store energy in the form of electrical charges that create a potential difference. The capacitors have two parallel conductors or metal plates seperated by a dielectric material.

2. What are the uses of a capacitor?

Capacitors are used as the sensor, to store energy, to block DC current after fully charged and used in various time-dependent circuits.

3. How to calculator parallel capacitance?

The total capacitance of capacitors connected in parallel can be calculated by adding the sum of capacitances in the circuit.

4. What is the difference between a parallel abd series capacitor?

If the current through all the capacitors is equal, then they are in series connection. If the potential difference across the circuit is equal, then they are in parallel connection.