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Particle Velocity Calculator is a flexible tool to use and provides the particle velocity given other input parameters such as temperatre, mass. All you need to do is enter the mass, temperature of any gas and then tap on the calculate button to get average velocity of a gas particle quickly.

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Particle Velocity Definition

Particle Velocity is defined as the velocity of a particle in medium as it transmitts a wave. It is also known as Maxwell-Boltzmann Equation or Distribution.

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

As per the Newton's Equation of Motion the particles in a gas move and collide with each other. However, the Order of Avogadro number 10^23 makes it impossible to trace the particle motion. So, we use the temperature to describe the gas particles.

If you were asked on what is the speed of a particle in gas then Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution answers your question pretty well. The Probability of a Particle having Velocity v is given by f(v) = (m/(2π*k*T))^(3/2) * 4π*v² * Exp(-m*v²/(2*k*T))

  • Where m is mass of the particle
  • T is the Temperature of the Gas
  • v is the velocity
  • k is the Blotzmann Constant and k = 1.3806 * 10^(ΓêÆ23) J/K

Average Velocity of a Particle

According to the Maxwell-Boltzmann Equation we can get the formula for Average Velocity of a Particle in gas by the equation = (8*k*T/(π*m))^(1/2)

  • Where K is the Boltzmann Constant
  • T is the Temperature
  • m is the mass of particles
  • is the average or mean speed

If we were to pick a random particle from gas then it has a velocity on an average.

How to Calculate Particle Velocity?

Go through the simple measures provided below to easily find out particle velocity. They are in the below fashion

  • Initially, determine the mass of the particle.
  • Next, find out the temperature of the gas.
  • Substitute the known input values in the formula of particle velocity i.e. = (8*k*T/(╧Ç*m))^(1/2)
  • Solve the equation further and get the particle velocity in gas easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Particle Velocity Calculator

1. What is the Particle Velocity Formula?

The Formula for Particle Velocity is v = (8*k*T/(π*m))^(1/2)

2. What is meant by Particle Velocity?

Particle Velocity is nothing but the velocity of a particle of a medium when it transmits a wave.

3. What does Particle Velocity depend on?

Particle Velocity depends on the time and where the particle is.