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Have you been looking for a tool that calculates the pressure of a body, then stay on this page. The free Pressure Calculator takes the force and area of the object as input and generates the pressure as output instantly.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90


Steps to Find Pressure of a Body

Check out the simple guidelines for calculating the pressure. They are along the lines

  • Obtain force and area from the question.
  • Divide force by area, the result is called pressure

What is Meant by Pressure?

Pressure is the force applied on the object per unit area. It can also be defined as the physical force that is used to push an object. The four types are pressure is absolute pressure, atmospheric pressure, differential pressure and gauge pressure. Pressure is denoted by the symbol P or p.

The simple formula to calculate pressure is

P = F/A

p = Thrust/Area

Here, P is the pressure

F is the force

A is the area.


Question: A force of 210 N is being applied over an area measuring 0.6 m². Calculate the pressure on the object.


Given that

Force F = 210 N

Area A = 0.6 m²

Pressure P = F/A

= 210/0.6

= 350 N/m²

Therefore, the pressure on the object is 350 N/m²

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FAQs on Pressure Force Area Calculator

1. What is the formula to calculate the pressure?

Pressure is nothing but the force applied on an object per unit area. The basic formula of pressure is F/A.

2. How do we use pressure in real life?

A simple example is to hold the flat part of the knife to cut fruit, it won't cut the surface. If you turn the knife so that the cutting edge is pressed into the fruit and force is applied over the smaller surface area. It means the force is spread out of a larger area is low pressure.

3. What is the unit of pressure?

The SI unit of pressure is Pa or pascal which is N/m², other units are psi, mmHg, bar, Torr, atm, inHg, etc.

4. A person is applying 150 Pa of pressure onto a door with his has. His hand has an area of 0.05 m². What is the force applied?

Zero acceleration means there is no change in velocity i.e body is moving with same velocity.

5. What acceleration is needed to accelerate a car from 36 km/h to 72 km/h in 25 seconds?

Given that,

Pressure = 150 Pa

Area A = 0.05 m²

We know that, Pressure P = Force/Area

Force = Pressure x Area

= 150 x 0.05

= 7.5 N

Therefore, force applied is 7.5 N.